Maximum Ride FanFiction – Chapter 15

DISCLAIMER: I do not own MR (Maximum Ride). James Patterson does.

WARNING: there are swear words of various sorts in this story. so if you are uncomfortable with these words, then do NOT read this story. lol

Chapter 15

He pulled away a little bit and leaned down…


“WHAT DO YOU WANT NUDGE?” I yelled. I pushed Fang back and started walking towards Nudge. I was about to wring her neck for ruining Fang and my moment but Fang stopped me knowing what I was up to.

“OMG. MAX. I NEED SOME CASH. I ran out and Angel is waiting with the cashier so I can buy this really cute dress for the freshman fall fling (A.N. Try saying that 5 times fast.. ūüėõ) and then I also need some cash for these really cute shoes that I found at Dillards that go¬†sooooo well with the dress I’m trying to buy right now and I-”

“NUDGE!” I quickly shouted. I was trying really hard to not to rip her throat out for one, interrupting Fang and I, and two, having the nerve of asking me for extra cash so she can buy some stupid dress and shoes for the freaking fall fling after interrupting Fang and I. “How much. Do you need.” I asked.

“Well I need about.. well… you see…” she began, “$150.00 total for the rest of the dress and the shoes.” she finished quickly.

“$150.00? I dont get that much in a month! Even a month and a half! Jeez Nudge! How much of that dress have you already paid off?” I asked. I was freaking out inside. I got $15 a week for allowance and I was NOT going to waste it on something stupid. No offense to those out there who would gladly spend $150.00 for a dress and shoes.

“Well I ran out of cash after paying about a third of it.. then Angel paid for another 1/3 since she wanted to spend her money for her own dress, oh and she wants to know if she can borrow the black and gold 3 inch heels that are on the right side of the shoe section in your closet, and the shoes are about $80.00 since they are the newest pair they have…” Nudge explained.

“Um. Nudge. Hate to break it to you sweetie but… you cant buy a $210.00 dress that you’re only going to wear once. It would be a waste. And you know that you’re only going to wear it once, so dont deny it. And the $210.00 is just without tax and the tip. And you cant always get what is the newest thing in the store. Sorry sweetie but I cant give you $150.00 just so you can waste it on something you’re not going to use that much.” That was a gently as I could put it. Okay so it could have been better but I’m really not the mushy type person. At all.

I grabbed Fang’s wrist and dragged him away back to my motorcycle. I knew Nudge would be really pissed at me for the next couple days but hopefully it would go away. When Fang and I got to my motorcycle I stopped dragging him and turned to face him. I looked up at his 6′ 2″ body (which is absolutely gorgeous!) and looked into his dark chocolate brown eyes.

“So…” I said.

“Um.. yeah.” Fang replied.

“This line sounds so much better in movies but.. where were we?” I smiled. It’s true though! It does sound a lot better in TV shows and movies!

Fang smirked at the line I just used but played along. He leaned down to my 5′ 8″ body and kissed me. I leaned my butt against my motorcycle seat and snaked my arms around Fang’s neck. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled us closer together. I locked my fingers in his silky jet black hair and kissed him harder.

“Hey you two!” I pulled back from Fang to see who it was. Fang growled when I did.

“Down boy..” I muttered to him. I turned my head only to see the gang of 4. Sam, Angel, Iggy, and Nudge. It was Iggy who yelled it. I was wondering how long they were there for since someone had the time to explain what we were doing and how we looked to Iggy. I looked at Nudge to see if she was still mad at me for not giving her money. She looked back at me and smiled. “What a relief..” I thought to myself. I looked at the dress she was holding. It was a halter silver sparkle dress that ended at midthigh.

“What do you want, Iggy?” I yelled across the parking isle, (A.N. You know how at malls and grocery shops and places they have rows of parking spaces? I’m talking about how Max and Fang are on one lane of the parking lot and then Iggy, Nudge, Angel, and Sam are one gap between parking rows apart. Like the gap is where the cars drive through when they are looking for a parking space? Hopefully you know what I’m talking about.. ūüėÄ) “And I love the dress Nudge!” She smiled even bigger when I said that.

“Get a room!” He yelled back. The four of them burst out laughing while Fang and I stood there awkwardly.. probably blushing like crazy. I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks. I looked up at Fang who was already looking down at me. He was smirking as if he had just played the nastiest, most awesome trick anyone on the planet had ever done. I smiled back at his smirk and he pulled me to his chest and we just hugged. Iggy, Nudge, Angel, and Sam had left and Fang pulled away. The parts of my skin that were being hugged to his chest felt cold with the evening breeze. I looked up and he gave me a quick peck on the lips.

“Um.. okay this is gonna sound really weird but… do you want to spend the night at my house? Not sex or anything but just stay there? Ella’s mom is out on some book signing thing until sometime next week and Ella is at a friend’s tonight so I’ve got the whole house to myself.” I asked him. It felt weird asking a boy if he wanted to sleepover but I felt safe around Fang.

“Why not. My mom wont care. She’s out of the house most of the time, anyway.” He said.

“Do you have a car?” I asked him.

“I came with Iggy. Well.. I was driving Iggy’s car..”

“So.. no?”

“Pretty much.”

“Here.” I handed Fang my motorcycle helmet. It was plain black. Yeah. Typical Max and also, in this case, Fang. “You ever ridden a motorcycle before?” I asked him. He did a “Fang” smile which I took as a yes. “Then get your hot ass on there so I can get on and we can get to my house sooner.” I told him.

“Are you¬†that excited to spend the night with me?” He joked. I slapped his shoulder.

“Pig…” I muttered under my breath. Fang got onto my motorcycle and I sat behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. He pulled out of the mall’s parking lot and I directed him to my place. Once we got there, Fang and I went up to my room. He didnt show any sign of amazement which was good since that was all I got from Nudge and Angel who are the only two people that have ever been in my room. Other than Ella and JJ of course.

“So um.. I’m gonna go get ready. Do you need a toothbrush or something? I have some stuff in there.. I used to only wear guys clothes and tie them up at the bottom so they should fit.. They were pretty big on me and they still are so they might fit you…” I told him, “Um the closet is through the two big black doors with the gold outline thing.. yeah. So go and pick that out.. if you need anything just knock on this door.. I’ll be out in a bit..” I sounded like Nudge there for a second or 500.

I went into the bathroom and took a shower. I brushed my teeth, cleaned my face, and blow dried my hair. I changed into my PJs which was a white tank top with black basketball shorts. I walked out of the door to see Fang in a black t-shirt that held on tight to his muscular body (not feminine tight but tight enough… :D) and he was still wearing his jeans. Fang had his hands behind his head and was lying on my bed. He seemed really peaceful so I didnt want to wake him up. I dimmed the lights of my room and crawled onto the other side of my bed. I felt a strong arm slip around my waist and pull me closer.

“Are¬†you that excited to spend the night with me?” I quoted him. I turned around to face Fang and smirked. He smirked right back at me. I kissed him for a while and things kinda unfolded that night…


I woke up that morning in my bra and shorts.I looked over at Fang who was still sound asleep. He still had his jeans on but he was shirtless. GOD NO! NO NO NO NO. Get that gross image or idea out of your head! Fang and I did¬†not have sex! You people and your dirty minds! No.. it was just a very, very,¬†very intense make-out session. I nudged Fang’s leg with my leg to wake him up.

“Fang..” I said drowsily. “Fang, wake up.” Fang groaned and opened his eyes tiredly. “Do you want something to eat?” I asked him. Fang closed his eyes again and turned his head so that his face was buried into my pillow. “Fang? Faaannnnggg.. yuhoo? Ugh. You leave me no choice..”

I got out of bed and put on a shirt. Then I walked over to the side of the bed that Fang was on. “Once more chance to get up.” I told him. “Alright. You asked for it.” I tore the sheets off of Fang’s body and ran over to the window to open the blinds. Which I did. Fang opened his eyes to a bright light.

“Ahh!” He semi-sleepily shouted (A.N. You know when someone gets like poked in the eyes and the have that little “ahh” of pain but its more of a grunt kind of thing? Thats what i’m talking about. If you dont know what I’m talking about then… thats okay hahah ^-^) Fang covered his eyes and tried to turn away from the light but ended up rolling off the bed.

“You know Fang,” I began, “out of all people that I chose to be my boyfriend.. I pick the one really hot dude who has a hard time waking up in the morning and falls of the bed.” I finished with a smirk. Fang rose his head off of the ground and gave me an evil stare. I chuckled. “Come on sleepy head. I’m gonna go see whats downstairs that we can eat. I’m not much of a cook anyway. I’ll burn water..” I told him.

I went to my door that led to the hallway and opened it. Right before I closed it behind me I poked my head inside and looked at Fang who was still on the ground. “Chop chop!” I said brightly with a little humor in my voice. I closed the door and went downstairs. I went through my purse for my iPod and plugged it into my iHome in the kitchen once I found it. I played my “songss” playlist which began with Duffy’s song, “Mercy.”

Yeah Yeah Yeah x4

I love you

but i gotta stay true

my morals got me on my knees

im begging please stop playing games

i dont know what this is

cos you got me good

just like you knew you would

i dont know what you do

but you do it well

I√Ę‚ā¨‚ĄĘm under your spell


You got me begging you for mercy

why wont you release me

you got me begging you for mercy

why wont you release me

I said release me

Now you think that i

will be something on the side

but you got to understand

that i need a man

who can take my hand yes i do

I dont know what this is

but you got me good

just like you knew you would

I dont know what you do

but you do it well

I’m under your spell

You got me begging you for mercy

why wont you release me

you got me begging you for mercy

why wont you release me

I said you’d better release yeah yeah yeah

Im begging you for mercy

yes why wont you release me

im begging you for mercy

you got me begging

you got me begging

you got me begging

Mercy, why wont you release me

im begging you for mercy

why wont you release me

you got me begging you for mercy

im begging you for mercy

im begging you for mercy

im begging you for mercy

im begging you for mercy

Why wont you release me yeah yeah

break it down

As the song finished Fang came downstairs. His hair was still really messy. Sadly for me, he had put on a shirt. I inwardly pouted but resumed looking for things to eat.

“Do you like muffins?” I asked him.

“Thats what she said.” Fang said with a small smile. I slapped him on his shoulder which only made him smile a little more.

“Oh shove it.” I said. Yet again, a bigger smile that a smile from Fang.

“Well do you?” I asked him again. He nodded. “Well too bad. We dont have any. We can make them though. If you know how to cook of course.” I told him.

“I guess. They wont be perfect though.” He told me.

“Come on its got to be better than anything I can cook.” I said. I smiled at him and told him to help me get the ingredients out.

***time passes***i guess***

“Shit! I’m so sorry, Fang! Here do you want a- HEY! THAT IS SO NOT COOL!” oh right. I accidentally spilled some flour on Fang’s black shirt and in return, he cracked an egg on top of my head. I cupped my hands together and dipped them into the wet ingredients mixture and threw it at Fang. I got the eggs, milk, butter, water, and oil all over his face and shirt which dripped down onto his pants and bare feet. I picked up a little bit of flour with my fingers and flicked it at his face. “Surprise?” I fell on the floor and shut my eyes, laughing so hard that it became difficult to breathe.

“Hey, Max?” I cracked my eyes open a little bit just to see Fang with some of the wet ingredients in his hands and he had a small crack on the bottom of his cupped hands so that some of the mixture was drizzling on my face and neck. I gasped and yelled, “Fang! You- Oh my gosh! I cant believe you just… You wouldnt.” I froze. My eyes were wide open. Fang had the whole bag of flour in his hands. I had sticky stuff all over my hair, face, neck, and some on my shirt. All he did was smile and I felt a bunch of powdery stuff on my body.

I jumped up and screamed at Fang, “DAMMIT FANG! I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU JUST DID THAT! YOU ARE SO GOING TO PAY!” I grabbed two eggs, stood on my toes, and cracked them both on his head and rubbed the eggs into his now not-so-perfect black hair. Then, I took the bag of sugar and dumped the entire thing on his head like he had done to me with the flour. “Well arent you sweet?” I joked. “Oh wait.. I think you’re missing something.” I told him.

I went into the fridge and took out a can of whipped cream. When I turned around, Fang was still standing there. I walked over to him and made a swirl of whipped cream on top of his head. I laughed and gave him a failed whipped cream mustache. “There we go.” I said. I laughed and put the whipped cream down on the island counter that we were “baking” on. “We should probably hose off before we make more of a mess of the place.” I told him. Fang nodded in agreement. He was smirking like crazy. Yes. Smirking. Fang’s smile is sweet but his smirk is when he’s laughing inside.

Fang and I walked out to the backyard and I turned on the hose. Fang was looking around and not looking at me so I hosed his back and he fell. I burst out laughing and leaned over. Before I knew it Fang had me over his shoulder and was running around my backyard. “FANG! YOU BETTER PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!” I yelled at him. Yet I continued laughing. I was having so much fun.

“What’s wrong Max? Are you afraid to get a little dirty?” He teased me.

“THATS WHAT SHE SAID!” I laughed even harder and Fang plopped me down and I was still laughing. When I was able to control my laughter, I looked at Fang who had the hose in his hand. “You wouldnt dare.” I laughed. He did dare. I got sprayed with water in the face and fell backwards from my sitting position so that I was laying down.

I looked up at the light blue, cloudless sky. About 3 minutes later, Fang laid down next to me, completely hosed off. We stayed like that, not touching or talking to each other. Just laid there and looked at the sky that made me feel very peaceful. That is.. until..


“Shit. Ella’s back. Can you sneak around the house so she doesnt find out? She would totally freak and tell JJ if she found out that I had a boy sleepover. Not that it’s you that would be the problem.. just the whole protective and age appropriate thing.. I mean eventually we’ll probably have to tell but that wont-” Fang kissed me and had his hands on my cheeks. I closed my eyes and lightly put my hands on his elbows. I felt a gush of wind and cold spots on my cheeks. I opened my eyes to see an empty backyard. I finished hosing myself off and walked inside.

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Maximum Ride FanFiction – Chapter 14

DISCLAIMER: I do not own MR (Maximum Ride). James Patterson does.

WARNING: there are swear words of various sorts in this story. so if you are uncomfortable with these words, then do NOT read this story. lol

Chapter 14

“Angel hand me that clip!”

“This one?”

“No the purple one!”

“But I want purple in my hair! It will blend with my hair!”

“Shut up Max! I though you didnt care about this stuff!”

“I dont! I just dont want it in my hair! What is so wrong with a simple ponytail?”

“Its too plain! It will look so much cuter with this clip!”

“If your going to put a freaking clip in my hair that sparkles like a princesses tiara and is a flipping flower, then at least make it black!”

“No! You’re getting purple!”

“I think it should be lime green!”

“You think everything should be lime green, Angel!”

“Yeah but still…”























This has been going on for hours about what to accessorize my face in. I didnt understand what was so important about accessories! So what if it’s plain and simple? Thats me! Plain. And. Simple. Fang didnt seem to mind last time! Not that it matters or anything…

Nudge had already dressed me in a black.. I cant even bring myself to say it… ok here goes… d.. dr…drr… DRESS. There! I said it! I know. I’m wearing a d.. d… “you know what” for no special reason! Not that Fang isnt a special or anything.. not that I would care about what he thinks.. and oh just drop it.. Anyway the “you know what” was black and had little red roses spread around the skirt part of it. The roses even had the little green leaves on the side of them! The “you know what” was still a “you know what” but the skirt part was a high-waist and the top looked like a tank-top and had a 2inch thick sleeve and was plain black. No roses or leaves. Nudge put a 3inch thick red (the same color as the roses) plastic belt around me, covering where the “skirt” meets the “shirt.” Nudge also put a think black bracelet on my left wrist and a zebra striped ring on my right ring finger. I even convinced her to let me wear my “leather” jacket. I think it added a little “MAX” to it. If you know what I mean.

My hair was up in a ponytail. Sounds simple right? I thought it did. Until Nudge and Angel got their hands on the curling iron. They went ballistic with my hair. Helping each other, they put my hair up in a ponytail and had all of my purple streaks sticking out, she had my long side bangs out and put a bunch of hair spray in it to make the little purple streak come out on top and I got a bunch of hairspray in my face, PLUS she curled my entire ponytail with a 1 ¬Ĺ inch curling iron which made thick curls. Plus she had a thick, black, plastic headband on my head that didnt pull back my bangs, but was just there for the hell of it. We’ve been arguing about what color the “barrette” in my hair should be. I thought it should be black. Not being goth or anything of course. I just though that it was a neutral color. Not neutral like brown or green but… oh you get what im talking about…


“Ugh! FINE! I’m only agreeing because I’m getting sick of arguing. Plus.. its ruining my make-up.” Nudge said.

Oh, Nudge. Only thinking about her make-up… Yet I still have no idea why I still love that girl. Nudge placed the black crystal flower in my ponytail holder so it would look like it was part of it.

My make-up was little. I had a thin eyeliner done with grey eyeshadow. Nudge placed a light rose red lipgloss on and a little foundation. My face felt¬†especially sticky. The only part that was odd about my outfit was that I had in my giraffe earrings. I know… weird right?

Nudge also put on a zebra print ring on my right ring finger, a rope bracelet on the same hand, and then a black stud bracelet on my left wrist. My nails were painted black with purple and white designs on them. It was 3:30 when we were finished. BBBBBBZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTT

My phone vibrated. I slipped it out of my pocket and looked at who sent it.


Hey. Long time no text!

Been busy.

With what?


This conversation sounds familiar…

Yeah.. it does.

Dude.. you’re like.. totally downing my mood. I’m about to go on a…


DATE. There.. I said it.


What? What’s so weird with me going on a date?

Nothing.. absolutly nothing..

so who’s the unlucky bastard?

Seeing as you seem to know everything about my life I would have expected you to know.

And he’s not a bastard. He’s actually really sweet.

Oh. I know. I’ve seen you with him.

Really? You think that of him? haha

What’s so funny? And why are you asking anyway?

I’m just bored so I was trying to make the conversation longer..

Oh… okay then..

So who’s it with?



Well Nudge is about to kill me for making us late so yeah.


See you.. I guess haha

Yeah. See you.

I snapped my phone shut and shoved it in my black and purple plaid purse. I forgot to pack all of my stuff before so I was doing it now.




Yup. You heard right. I have a motorcycle. Cool right? I love it. (A.N. Haha I just realized that Nudge, Angel, Max, Iggy, and Fang are all not old enough to drive yet! Oh well. Lets pretend that they are in their city because its such a small town or something hahaha. Im stupid… ūüėÄ)

I gathered my wallet, keys, and keychain and stuffed them into the bag with my phone. I dont really carry much in my purse due to the fact that I dont need to bring any extra make-up. Nudge wanted me to so dont tell her that I’m not bringing it, okay? Thanks. I grabbed my “leather” jacket and speed walked to the garage. I pressed the garage opener and the garage door… well.. opened.

I walked over to my motorcycle and placed my purse between my legs so that it wouldnt fall while im cruising through the streets. That sounded weird.. while I’m going to the mall… eh sounds too simple but anyway. I started the engine and started going to the mall. I was wondering why I never got Fang’s number. I was going to call him but I didnt have any clue as to why I couldnt find his number in my phone and then I remembered that I never asked for it.

I got to the mall and parked my motorcycle next to Nudge’s red convertible. I slung my purse over my shoulder, shoved my hand in my jacket pocket, and walked my way into the mall of misery. See, I’m pretty claustrophobic so I dont like places with a lot of people. Excluding school of course. The mall.. well sure it was big, but it had a LOT of people. People from our school, couples, old people, people coming from work, stay home moms, drop-out kids, even little people (small kids) with their parents were there. I knew it was the weekend but I didnt like how they all had to come on Saturday and that most people came on Saturday since Friday was like.. Friday nights and Sundays are the day before school or work. So really Saturday is the only appropriate day for most people. I’m being pretty hypercritical right now… anyway..

I pulled out my phone and started a new text to Nudge:

(BOLD = Max, Italics = Nudge)

Nudge. Where are you guys?

We’re right near starbucks.

Okay. Are the boys there yet?

Nah. Only your hottie junior friend…

I’ve seen better than him.. but he is cute.

Do you think he would go for a freshman?

NUDGE! You’re on a date with IGGY!


Right! Sorry! Oh here come the boys.

I’ll be there in like a minute


I walked over to the starbucks of the mall and, to no shock, saw Nudge, Iggy, Angel, Sam, and Fang waiting for me in line.

“Hey guys.” I said.

“Hey Max! You finally got here! OMG girl! We¬†have to go to American Eagle and get some fall dresses and skirts and we so have to go to Claire’s for our new earrings and hats and all of these *hmphhh hmphh*” THANK YOU ANGEL! Geez.. that girl can go on for HOURSSSSS

“First of all Nudge… I dont do the whole dress and skirt thing. Sorry. Second, I’m not shopping for anything. I’ll window shop but I am not wasting my money on new clothes. Except if its a leather jacket. This one is starting to fade a little…” I told her.

“Awww! But Max!” Angel whined. She let go of Nudge’s mouth and they both gave me a little pout. We ordered our drinks and sat at a table. I had a Sweetened Passion Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade (A.N. You should get it! It’s sooooooo good ūüėÄ). Nudge had a vanilla bean frapp, Iggy had a hot chocolate, Fang had a regular coffee (typical Fang.. so dull ^-^), Sam had a iced coffee, and Angel had a Chocolaty Chip frapp.

“Hey Iggy,” I said.


“How about we have a little burping contest. Loser has to buy any two things that the winner wants from the store.” I guess you could say that I am the ultimate burper. I won against the quarterback of my old school with 2 sips from a coke. I have to say, it was pretty freaking awesome.

“Oh you are so on, Max. I have won all of my burping contests since I was 5! I even beat Fang last week!” Iggy said. I looked at Fang who seemed to be silently chuckling. Most likely from the memory that I dont wish to know about.

“Okay. You go first.”

Iggy. Boy… did he burp. Our table got all kinds of weird looks from the costumers also sitting in the seating area in the caf√© type store. Although Iggy did a marvelous job… I’ve done much better. I took 3 little sips from my drink, gripped the palms of my hands to the side of my table and let. her. rip.

“Okay… so I want one blueberry muffin and one chocolate chip cookie.” I had this thing for chocolate chip cookies when I was really little and its stuck since then.

“Fine…” Iggy grumbled. I swear I heard him mummer something about me cheating or something but I just smiled.


I erupted. It was the biggest burp I had ever done. I swear it lasted for about 7 or 8 seconds and was as loud as a dinosaur stomping on a bunch of glass buildings. When I finished I closed my eyes to let my brain go back to normal. Whenever I do something like that, I get really light headed for some reason. When I opened my eyes I looked up to 5 stunned faces. Plus about 20 other faces from the other customers. I leaned closer to Fang who was more stunned than a Fang appropriate stun look.

“That was really,¬†really, loud… wasnt it?” I whisper asked him. All he did was nod. “Great..” I grumbled. “Well on the bright side…” I began, “Iggy you owe me two things from the counter. Come on.”

*end of flashbackk*

I took the bags with the muffin and chocolate chip cookie and took it back to the table. I let Angel and Nudge have the blueberry muffin and gave a small part of my cookie to Fang. Sam wasnt hungry since he had just come from work where he had his lunch and Iggy didnt like milk chocolate for some reason. Weird person, Iggy…

“Do you want to go look around?” Fang whispered in my ear. It sent chills down my spine and anxiety through my veins. I nodded my head to him.

“Hey guys? Fang and I are gonna go look around the mall a bit. Call or text it if you want to meet up or need anything, ‘kay?” I got a assortment of head nods, thumbs up, and “yeah”‘s

“Okay. See you guys later.” I said. Fang and I got up and walked around the mall looking at the movie store, to the music store, to the Nike store. I found a photo booth and looked at it. I had never actually been in one before.

“You want to go in?” Fang asked me. I nodded.

“Never been in one before. That I remember anyway.” I said.

We walked over to the photo booth and went inside. Fang put in 3 dollars and I picked out the background for the pictures. I picked a beach since they were really relaxing and the sun felt nice against my skin. When we were done with the photo booth we stepped out and I took the pictures. The first picture was normal and was me smiling and Fang.. being Fang. The second was a funny picture where I acted like Fang and went emotionless. Except for the fact that Fang put antler ears on my head. The third picture was of Fang putting his arm around me and us just there. The fourth one was us looking at each other. And the fifth picture… well I think you get the idea… You dont? Oh well.. um… yeah. The fifth one was of Fang and I kissing. There. I gave one of the film strips to Fang and we went to the food court. We didnt order anything but we just sat there and talked about nothing in particular.

“Max.” Fang said.

“Fang.” I replied.

“Max, I…”

“Why hello there Fangy! What are you doing with her?”

“What do you want Lissa?” Fang growled.

“Oh nothing. I just wanted to say that we are not over until I say that we are over. So we are not over. Got it? Okay. Now let’s go Fangy. You have to take me to Victoria’s Secret so I can get some lace bras that you like so we can… Um.. do you have anything else to do?” She asked me.

“What? Other than sit here and listen to you awkwardly talking to my boyfriend in the middle of the mall? Of course not! Continue.” I told her.

“Ugh. You’re so annoying. You do know that Fang was just using you to make his image better right? And that he doesnt really like you and he was only using you to get to that blondie friend of yours. What was her name? Hades?” She wondered. I didnt know why but somehow what she said got to me. I was¬†never that easily ticked off.¬†Never. I dont know why or how she got to me but that comment made me snap. I stood up from the table with my hands face-down on top of the table and looked down at my black painted finger nails.



“Get lost and get a life. You need to stop trying to ruin other people’s lives just because someone else can have something that you cant and you also need to learn that you cant always get what you want. Or in your case. Any person that you want, just by your wealth or popularity. So shove off and leave¬†me alone.” I told her. “Oh and also, Hades is the god of the Underworld. I would get you Greek god’s straight before trying to name them or anything.” Lissa scoffed and turned on her 5 inch pink stiletto heels. Leaving just Fang and me. I took out the film strip of us in the photo booth not to long ago.

“I know what she said isnt true…” I said to Fang, “but this is the second time something like this happened to us and i’ve already been in a relationship that started out like this and it turns out that he was cheating on me.” Fang began to interrupt me but I held up my hand. “I know you’re not cheating on me, Fang. But I can’t go through that pain in anyway again.” I held up the film strip and ripped it into little pieces and let them fall onto the top of the the little pieces of paper were falling onto the table, I picked up my bag from the back of my chair and started walking towards the mall doors. When I reached my motorcycle I got on it and just sat there. Then there was a firm grip on my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was.


“Max dont act like this. I would do anything to hurt you at all. Lissa is just pissed for me dumping her and is trying to hurt you to get to me.” Fang said in a sincere tone.

“Can I ask you some things?” I asked him.

“If it will help.” He replied. I nodded my head. “Then continue.”

“Should I believe all of this? All of what you’re saying? Every last word?” I asked.

“Yes.” Fang said. His voice strong.

“If I dumped you right now, what would you do?”

“Go to my room and really start being emo.”

“Will you ever leave me if I believe all of this and continue going out with you?”

“No. I would never do that. I promise.”

“You gotta pinky promise on that, boy” We pinky promised (^-^)

“And my last question.”


“Do you love me?” I looked up at his perfect dark chocolate eyes.

“Yes. I do. You are¬†my beautiful Maximum Ride. Mine…” He repeated the word “mine” every once in a while after I hugged him and he kept kissing the top of my head.

“I love you Maximum Ride.” He murmured into the top of my head.

“I love you too Fang.” I said into his shirt.

He pulled away a little bit and leaned down…

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Maximum Ride FanFiction – Chapter 13

DISCLAIMER: i do not own MR (Maximum Ride). James Patterson does.

WARNING: there are swear words of various sorts in this story. so if you are uncomfortable with these words, then do NOT read this story. lol

Chapter 13

“And thats what happened last night.” I told Nudge and Angel. It was saturday morning, around 9AM.

“AWWWW!” Nudge squealed. “That is just the¬†cutest thing I’ve ever heard!”

“That is soooo adorable! Max! You and Fang are totally an item.”Angel commented.

“I’ve only been dating him for a day, Angel… dont get carried away just yet.” I told her

“But you know that its true!” She urged.

“Admit it, Max.” Nudge said, “You are totally into Fang and we know that he’s into you. So what are you gonna name your babies?”

“NUDGE! I’m not gonna have sex with the guy! We’re fourteen!” I exclaimed. Boy… that girl had some serious relationship ideas for Fang and me.. I didnt even want to think about it.

*beep beep*

“Hang on guys… getting another call. Be right back.” I said

“Yup” Angel and Nudge said.

“I’ll bet it’s Fang.” Angel said.

“I know right?” Nudge said.

All I did was groan. I did¬†not need those two completely in on my relationship stuff. It should be between the two people dating. If I did let those two in on every detail… my life would be a living nightmare. Well… more like one anyway. I clicked off the coversation with Nudge and Angel to answer my other call.

****** Other Cellular Line ******



“Oh hey, Fang.”

“Hey. Do you wanna meet at the mall this evening?” He asked me. One of the things that I liked about Fang is that he just gets to the point. He doesnt do any lead up explanations. He just asks the straight forward question.

“Sure. That’d be cool. Um.. What time do you wanna meet?” I asked him.

“Hows 4:30?”

“Cant wait.” I said cheerfully. I had to admit… I was pretty excited for this. I wasnt quite sure what I was excited for but I just was excited.

“See you then.” Fang said back.

“Kay… well.. bye then.” I said

“Yeah.” he replied. I clicked off and back onto the chat with Nudge and Angel.

“And then he asked me out and I said yes!” Nudge said as she finished her story.

“Who asked you out? Just because I leave to take another call..”

“From Fang.” Angel added

“soo does not mean that I get left out of¬†your relationship life! NOW SPILL!” I phone yelled at her. You know how there is a difference in you yell when you are in person and over the phone? Yeah. I named those. Phone yell and yell. I think I like the names. They’re simple and easy to remember.

“Iggy.” Nudge said.

“AWWWWWW! THAT IS SOOO ADORABLE!” I exclaimed. “Aww! What are you guys doing?” I asked Nudge.

“We’re going to the mall today.” Nudge replied.

“Woah, really?” I asked

“Yeah. Around 4:30ish.” Nudge specified.

“Thats so crazy..” I said.

“Why?” Angel asked.

“Because Fang just asked me to the mall today at 4:30.” I said

“That is so awesome! We should do a double date!” Nudge squealed.

“Hey! I feel left out right now!” Angel butted in.

“Hm… how would you like to go with a junior?” I asked her.

“I’m in.” Angel replied quickly.

“Awesome. If I can get him to come.” I said. We all laughed.

“Here, come over right now so that we can all get ready in time. Knowing how long it takes you two to get ready.” I told them.

“Yeah. I’ll be there in ten.” Nudge said.

“I’ll be there in fifteen.” Angel said.

“Okay. I’ll see you guys soon.” I said.

“Bye.” Angel said.

“Late.” Nudge added in.

“See ya.” I said. I clicked off the phone and scrolled through my contacts. I found the number that I was looking for and called it.


“Hey its Max.” I said.

“Oh.. oh hey! Hey! Whats up?” he asked.

“Um.. so my friends and I are going on a kind of tripe date but one of us doesnt have a date.” I explained.

“Mhmm.. Go on.” he said.

“So do you think you could go with one of my friends? You dont have to keep dating her, but just this once so that she doesnt feel lonely with my boyfriend and I and my friend’s boyfriend and her.” I told him.

“Sure. I’m not doing anything today. What time?”

“4:30 at the Moreland Mall.” I said.

“Okay. See you there.”

“Yup.” I hung up the phone and walked to my closet.

*ding dong*

The doorbell rang. “Must be Nudge.” I thought. When I opened the door I saw that it was Gazzy.

“Gazzy! What are you doing here?” I asked him.

“Um.. can I see Ella? I need to see her really fast because my older step-brother needs to get home to get something ready for his date this afternoon.” He explained.

“Yeah. She’s in her bedroom. If you make her cry again though you’re gonna be reporting to me.” I warned him.

“Gotcha.” he said as he ran up the stairs to Ella’s room.

I went outside and sat on the stone porch, waiting for Nudge or Angel to show up. I looked at Gazzy’s step-brother who looked oddly familiar. I couldnt point out exactly who it was from the back but I swear I have seen the same strawberry blonde hair somewhere. I mean sure a lot of people had that colored hair but they style of it looked familiar too. Finally Nudge and Angel showed up together.

“Jeez. What took you two so long?” I asked them as they came up to the porch.

“Nudge couldnt find her favorite pair of skinny jeans. So I went inside and saw 10,000 pairs of her favorite jeans but noooo… she had to have the one that had little purple paint streaks on them.” Angel exaggerated. Nudge rolled her eyes.

“Oh Max?” Nudge asked.

“Supps?” I asked back.

“Why is Iggy sitting outside of your house?”

“I could ask myself the same question. I… IGGY IS GAZZY’S BROTHER?” I yelled. It was loud enough for Iggy to hear and he turned around.

Max?” Iggy said. “My brother is dating your sister?”

“Well shes not my sister but yeah pretty much. Wow. Thats a mini mind blower.” I said.

“Yeah. For me too.” Iggy said.

“Iggy get lost!” Nudge whined. “I need to get ready and I dont want you to see me before the final product. Now shoo! Shoo!”

“Alright, alright. Max, tell Gazzy that I already left. He should know the way home.” Iggy said.

“Yup.” I said.

“Kay see you later.” Iggy said as he turned to leave.

“Oh Iggy.” Nudge said.

“Yeah?” Iggy asked.

“We’re doing a triple date today at the mall.” Nudge told him. “Me and you, Max and Fang, and Angel and some junior.”

“Okay. Want me to tell Fang?” Iggy asked me.

“That’d be cool.” I replied.

“Okay. See you guys at 4:30.” He said and turned and began his walk home.

Nudge, Angel, and I went inside to my room and took the clothes that we were going to wear out and spread them out so that we could see what they would look like.

Nudge had her special skinny jeans with a thin black belt, a neon splatter painted white t-shirt, and a pair of brown boots that went up to her knee, over her jeans, and were loose at the top. The boots also had 2 inch heel.

Angel had a neon green tank top over a ¬ĺ sleeved grey and white shirt and a dark grey vest on top of that. She also had jean shorts and pink flip-flops.

As for me, I took a black spaghetti strap tank top with a white studded belt around the waist along with wrinkled khaki shorts that went down a little past my knee. For shoes I had my black, white, and navy nike dunks.

We all loved each other’s outfits equally. Plus, each of our outfits said something about us.. sort of. We all got dressed in our interesting outfits and came back out and sat down on my bed.

“Alright, Angel.” Nudge said, “Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who gets to do Max.”

“Whoa, what?” I asked.

“Well we’re not letting you do your hair and make-up on your own!” Angel said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because! You’ll just put it in a boring ponytail and thats no fun.” Nudge pouted.

“Ugh! Fine. You win this time.” I said.

“Alright. Angel, ready?”

“Ready, Nudge.”

“Rock, Paper, Scissors! 1, 2, 3!”

They both put out their hands. Nudge had rock, Angel had paper.


“Really? Let me throw a rock at you and see you defend yourself with a piece of paper.” Nudge challenged.

“She’s got a point.” I pointed out.

“Dammit.” Angel said.

“YES! Ah.. this is why I’m so good at this game.” Nudge triumphed.

While Nudge began to style Angel’s hair, I went onto my computer and put on some music. Nudge and Angel complained how there was no Shakira, CASCADA, or *shiver* Miley Cyrus anywhere in my music library. I told them that I didnt like pop music and they started freaking out.

“But I dont get the point! If I dont like pop music it would be a waste to buy it if I’m not going to listen to it unless you guys are over where I will be¬†forced to listen to it!” I protested.

“Well we’re going to have you listen to it until you cant get it out of your head or until your sick of it!” Angel argued back.

“I’m sick of it just thinking about it! I just dont like pop music, you guys. Deal.” I told them. Nudge and Angel pouted but dealed. Once Nudge was done with Angel’s hair, Angel looked like… well, an angel! Angel’s straight blonde hair was curled into 1 inch curls and had a white headband with a big white rose on the side attached to the headband. She had light blue eyeshadow and brown eyeliner. Her lips were coated in a light pink lipgloss and she had the smallest bit of a rosy pink blush on the apples on her cheeks. I had to admit, she looked adorable.

Angel did Nudge next. While she was styling Nudge’s hair, I went into my closet and took out my favorite pair of FAKE leather gloves. They were pretty much motorcycle gloves but they were made of softer material. I slipped on the gloves as one of the country songs that I didnt really listen to a lot, but still liked came on. It was “So Close” by Jennette McCurdy. (A.N. I didnt know that she sang until like early March! Its a really good song and I think you should search it on YouTube or something and see if you like it! Hehe)

Just keep tuggin’, pushin’, pullin’

On all my little heartstrings

Got me all tied up in knots

Anytime I see your face

Oh it brings out

It brings out the girl in me

Don’t know just how ya did it

But ya got me real good

Hook, line and sinker

Like I knew you could

But you don’t even notice

Boy I wish you would

I can’t help myself

I can’t help but smile

Every time I see your face

And we’ve never met

I bet you don’t know my name

Am I outta my mind

I think that I might be goin’ crazy

Cause my heart is yours to have and hold or break

How’d you get to be so close

When you’re so far away

I think he might be close to perfect

Girls you know what I mean

He’s got a face straight out

Of a law magazine

Gotta pinch myself

To prove he ain’t a dream

Oh oh oh

I can’t help myself

Let my secret’s out

I can’t help but smile

Every time I see your face

And we’ve never met

I bet you don’t know my name

Am I outta my mind

I think that I might be goin’ crazy

Cause my heart is yours to have and hold or break

How’d you get to be so close

When you’re so far away

I wish you were mine all mine

Mine all mine

I wish you were mine all mine

I wish you were mine

I can’t help but smile

Everytime I see your face

And we’ve never met

I bet you don’t know my name

Am I outta my mind

I think that I might be goin’ crazy

Cause my heart is yours to have and hold or break

How’d you get to be so close

When you’re so far away

How’d you get to be so close

When you’re so far away

When the song ended Angel was done with Nudge. What Angel did with Nudge was amazing. Nudge had her hair straightened and had a piece of hair, from each side in the front of her head, pulled into the back and tied with a lime green scrunchie that had sparkles on it. Ah.. typical Angel with her lime green obsession… Anyway, Angel went with natural tones for Nudge. Nudge had light sparkly gold eyeshadow and black eyeliner. She had a faint tone of red blush, also on the apples of her cheeks, and had clear lipgloss on her, well, lips! Nudge looked fabulous.

“Great… now it’s my turn.” I complained.

“Oh just shut up, Max. It wont be so horrible. I already know what I’m gonna do for you.” Nudge said.


This ought to be good.

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Maximum Ride FanFiction – Chapter 12

DISCLAIMER: i do not own MR (Maximum Ride). James Patterson does.

WARNING: there are swear words of various sorts in this story. so if you are uncomfortable with these words, then do NOT read this story. lol

Chapter 12

“Max! Stop squirming! You wanted us to do your hair and make-up and this is what happens when you do that! So stop moving so that I can get on your eyeliner!” Nudge told me. I didnt like make-up at all. I made me feel like the boogie monster got to me and only sneezed on my face.

“Come on, Max! Stop moving! I dont want to burn you with the curling iron!” Angel yelled at me. She had already burned me five times but of course I was so focused on the fact that Nudge was putting a ton of make-up of my face, that I didnt feel it at all.

“FINE. I’LL STAY STILL.” I decided. I didnt want Angel to burn me on my forehead and have to go meet Fang with a giant red spot on my head with a little white bubble of burnt skin and have to explain what happened. And Nudge… well you dont want to mess with Nudge when she’s doing what she’s best at. I closed my eyes and felt Angel using her 1 inch curling iron, combing my hair to get a part of it, get the curling iron around it but only leave my hair on the curling iron long enough for it to be wavy, and straight.. it really could be either. I couldnt tell since my eyes were closed. I could feel Nudge putting eye shadow on my eyelids and then on top of the eye shadow put on some sort of pencil eyeliner… it was too hard to be liquid and too soft to be a roll on eyeliner. I might not like the stuff.. but I have a younger sister in 8th grade, a mom, and these two knuckle heads (A.N. For some reason I find the word “knuckles” funny… just the way it sounds. Hehe its so funny. Just say it out loud and see if you laugh. I did hahaha) to keep me around the horrible stuff.

An hour later

“Okay Max. You can open your eyes now.” Nudge said.

“I dont want to look at the monster that you have made me.” I told them. I was terrified. I did¬†not want to look at what they did to me. All the make-up. My face felt really sticky.

“Max. Open your eyes right now.” Angel instructed me.

“Why should I?” I asked them

“Because we spent nearly a whole hour working on it and we will personally kill you if you dont open your eyes and at least¬†look at it.” Nudge said.

“Okay so you’ve got a point.” I admitted. “Alright. I’ll open my eyes.” I prepared myself for what I was about to see in the mirror as I slowly opened my eyes.

When my eyes were fully opened I looked in the mirror and saw someone in my place that I didnt recognize. She looked… well…hot.

“What have you done to me?” I asked them

“You dont like it?” Angel asked.

“No. Thats the thing. I absolutely¬†love it.” I told them. I hated to admit it but the make-up really did do a little something for my face which was very plain.

“Excellent!” Nudge squealed. “Oh wait! You need to look at your whole body.” She went to her closet and pulled out a full body mirror so that I could look at myself.

I looked at myself and said “I cant believe I let you guys do this.”

“Why?” Angel asked.

“Because! I mean I look hot, sure! But I mean Fang knows that I dont wear make-up and he’s gonna be totally weirded out. And what if he doesnt like it or he doesnt like girls that wear make-up? Oh is this waterproof by the way?” I mini-ranted.

“Yes, it is waterproof. And if Fang doesnt like it than I will personally go up to him and shove my hand up his as-” Nudge began.

“WHAT SHE MEANS IS… if he doesnt like it then fine. But we will make sure that if he doesnt like it and dumps you before the first date, which we are hoping¬†doesnt happen, someone else from school will be there to ask you out. And dont worry. We’ll make sure it’s someone of your taste.” Angel said.

“Plus i’ll interrogate him to see if he’s worthy.” Nudge added in.

“Only you two…” I sighed.

All they did was smile.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * time passes * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * sorta * * * * * *

Nudge tried to convince me to let her and Angel drive me to my date, but I denied. I was¬†not going to spend another car ride with that girl’s motor mouth.

I sat in my car for about 5 minutes before actually starting the engine to get to the country club. I opened my black purse and took out my car keys and plugged them into the key hole and started the engine. I backed up out of the driveway and started to make my way to Wayne Country Club.

I managed to finally make it to Wayne Country Club after going into a lot of hidden driveways and missing a lot of turns. I wasnt the best navigator of the whole city quite yet. I pulled into a parking spot in the shade. Even though it was practically night time, I liked to keep my car hidden. Plus since it’s black nobody will really see it and if someone crashes it I get a new car, free of charge. Plus, no robber would have the eyes to see it in the dark, so I knew my stuff wouldnt get stolen. Or anything important.

I entered the country club with my hands across my chest. I stopped in the center of the room and looked around. I felt a hand grab my shoulder and I jumped. I quickly turned around to see who it was, only to come face to face with Fang.

“Dont ever do that again.” I warned him. All he did was shrug and gently grabbed my arm and led me to the club’s caf√© type restruant. When we entered there was a long bar nearly filling up the whole length of the wall opposite to where we were standing. On the wall to our right there was a stage with two stools, two mics, with one of the stands having a guitar mic.

“Open mic night?” I asked Fang. All he did was nod. He tried to hide a small smirk but it was obviously failing. “What are you smirking at?” I asked him.

“Oh. Nothing. Nothing at all.” he replied. I glared at him. “Look, you’ll find out soon enough. Just relax for now.”

“Fine.” I told him.

We got a table towards the back (near the wall opposite of the stage) of the room. It was a full house. A fairly young waitress came over to us. She seemed very perky.

“Hello. My name is Miranda and I’ll be your waitress for tonight. Can I get you anything?” She asked.

“Coke.” Fang and I said together. We both looked at each other for a second. Then I turned away to look at the performer. He was pretty hot. He had sandy blonde wavy curly hair. Not afro curly… but curly. He was wearing a white long sleeved polo made from a very thin fabric… or was it cotton? I wasnt sure about these types of things… the first three buttons were undone and he had a loose, thin, black, satin tie around his neck and he was wearing jeans with blue and white checkered VANs. He had one of those adorable faces though. He wasnt cute but he wasnt hot… but he was right in the middle. He had crystal blue eyes that the light shone right off of.

He was playing “Falling for You” by Ronnie Day on the guitar. I loved acoustic guitar. I was more of a country and rock type of girl. Odd combo I know but both are great. I listened to some pop but not a lot. I was to… not music like for me.

The waitress came back with our drinks. She placed the tray on another table and placed the coasters on our table. As she was doing so, I couldnt help but notice that when she was putting down the coaster for Fang, she leaned down a little bit so he could see how big her boobs were. He didnt seem to notice. He just looked at me, then the stage, then back at me, then the stage, and so on and so on. When she put my coaster down she simply dropped it. She didnt really seem to care too much about how I was enjoying anything. Just Fang. Miranda walked away to give *ahem* Fang *cough* time to decided what he wanted to order.

“You seriously didnt notice?” I asked him. He turned his head to me.

“Notice what?” he asked me back.

“You’re such an idiot.” I told him. I chuckled. “Dude, she’s¬†so into you.” I pointed out.

“I couldnt care less.” He replied. I gave him a questioning look. He didnt care that girls were totally into him? Dang. Fang turned his head back to Ronnie Day man and continued watching him. I turned to watch him too.

Would she

Could she

Be thinking

Of me

All along

And if I asked her

would she tell me

the truth

Cause its a long way down

when your hopes are

high as moutains

and i’m worried that I’m falling for you

He ended the song beautifully. There was a big and loud cheer coming from the audience. The waitress came and walked right in front of my view of the stage and asked if she could take (*cough* Fang *cough*) our order. Fang said he wasnt hungry and that I should order something.

“Um I’ll have the rainbow sherbert.” I said. She wrote down my order, dropped her arms to her side and looking up at the ceiling, and walked stomped her way behind the “Employees Only” door.

“Rainbow sherbert?” Fang asked.

“Any form of ice cream makes me really hungry. And then after I finish the form of ice cream I decide whether I am going to eat a meal or if i’m gonna ask for the check.” I explained. He did a small smile and turned to the stage. I looked at Fang. Just observing him. I saw that he was wearing a plain white t-shirt with a solid black long sleeved jacket that he left unbuttoned. He was also wearing black skinny jeans and black converse that was very nicely drawn on.

“Who drew those on your shoes?” I asked him. Fang looked down at his shoes and quietly said, “I did.”

“Woah. You drew those? Thats so awesome!” I told him.

“I get bored during the day so I just doodle.” Fang explained.

“Wait that’s your¬†doodling? Something that your actually focused and trying to draw well must be more than perfect then.” I said. I put my arms behind my neck and leaned back in my chair a little bit. I took a quick glance at Fang. In the dark you can barely see that boy but you could feel the emabrassment coming off of his body. “I…”

“And ending open mic night is the usual. Now, who will our spotlight pick from our audience?” The MC announced.. and asked. The spotlights were very bright and I had a hard time following them. I looked at Fang who had the same smirk on his face as he did at the beginning of this.. date.

“You. Did. Not.” I said to him. All he did was turn to me with a small smile. “You are beyond dead Fang…” I told him.

“I know. I just thought this might be amusing.”

As I had expected… both bright spotlights landed on me. I had a blank expression on my face. Three men in dark clothes came up to me and grabbed my chair and lifted me up. I kept my expression blank and just went with it. The three men carried me backstage and put me down. The MC, or who I was guessing the man who walked up to me was, came up to me.

“Can you play guitar? Like can you play any songs?” He asked me.

“I know three songs if thats what your asking.” I told him.

“Great!” he said. Then, one of the three men put a guitar strap, along with the guitar, around me. Another one of the men offered me a pick and a capo. I took both and nodded graciously. A lady came up to me and put a thin lavender purple headband with a big black rose on the left side on my head. Then the third man of the trio lifted me up and put me right behind the curtain. Right as the third man was out of sight the curtain opened and I flinched at the 6 or 7 lights that were multiple colors were shone on me. I assumed that I was supposed to go sit on the stool and play and sing. I walked up to the stool and sat on it. The stool had two levels of bars that attached all of the legs of the chair. I put my right leg on the higher bar and my left on the bottom. I placed the guitar comfortably on my right thigh and was about to start and then I noticed that Ronnie Day man was sitting next to me. He put out his hand for me to shake.

“Hey. I’m Sam. I do the harmony stuff for the lucky contestant that gets to do this every Friday night.” Ronnie Day… Sam said.

I took his hand and shook it. “Max.” I said. He didnt need to know anymore than my name.

“So what song or songs are we doing?” Sam asked.

“Well I was just about to do Untouchable by Taylor Swift.” I told him.

“I’ve heard that song. It’s good.” he said.

“Yeah.” I replied. I turned back to the audience and resumed my original position.

Right leg up, left leg down, guitar on right thigh. I took a deep breath and strummed out the first few chords that made the intro along with the rest of the song so that Sam could harmonize with it.


like a distant diamond sky

I’m reachin out

and I just cant tell you why

Caught up in you

I’m caught up in you


burnin brighter than the sun

And when you’re close

I feel like comin undone

In the middle of the night

When I’m in this dream

It’s like a million little stars

Spellin out your name

You gotta

Come on, come on

Say that we’ll be together

Come on, come on

Little taste of heaven

oh, oh

Its half full

And I wont wait here all day

I know you’re seeing that you’d be here


But you’re untouchable

burnin brighter than the sun

and now that you’re close

I feel like comin undone

In the middle of the night

When I’m in this dream

It’s like a million little stars

Spellin out your name

You gotta

Come on, come on

Say that we’ll be together

Come on, come on


In the middle of the night

Wakin from this dream

I wanna feel you by my side

Standin next to me

You gotta

Come on, come on

Say that we’ll be together

Come on, come on

Little taste of heaven

I’m caught up in you

Oh, oh, oh

Cause you’re untouchable

Burnin brighter than the sun

Now that you’re close

I feel like comin undone

In the middle of the night

When I’m in this dream

It’s like a million little stars

Spellin out your name

You gotta

Come on, come on

Say that we’ll be together

Come on, come on

Oh, oh

In the middle of the night

When I’m in this dream

It’s like a million little stars

Spellin out your name

You gotta

Come on, come on

Say that we’ll be together

Come on, come on

Come on

In the middle of the night

Wakin from this dream

I wanna feel you by my side

Standin next to me

You gotta

Come on, come on

Say that we’ll be together

Come on, come on

Little taste of heaven

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh

And in the middle of the night

When I’m in this dream

It’s like a million little stars

Spellin out your name

You gotta

Come on, come on

C-come on, come on

Come on, come one

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Like a million little stars

Spellin out your name

Spellin out your



As I finished the song there as a big applause from the audience and I got up and bowed.

“ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE!” the crowd kept chanting. I frantically shook my head but I eventually game in when the three really buff guys wouldnt let me leave.

I said to Sam, “Have you ever heard of First Cut is the Deepest by Sheryl Crow?”

“Yeah. I’m a big country fan.” Sam said.

“Cool. So am I.” I said to him.

I played the intro tab and began

I would have given you all of my heart

But there’s someone who’s torn it apart

And he’s taken just all that I have

But if you wanna try to love again

Baby I’ll try to love again but I know

The first cut is the deepest

Baby I know

The first cut is the deepest

And when it comes to being lucky

He’s first

But when it comes to lovin me

He’s worst

I still want you by my side

Just to help me dry the tears that I’ve cried

And I’m sure gonna give you a try

If you wanna try to love again


Baby I’ll try to love again but I know


First cut is the deepest

Baby I know

The first cut is the deepest

And when it comes to being lucky

He’s first

But when it comes to lovin me

He’s worst

I still want you by my side

Just to help me dry the tears that I’ve cried

But I’m sure gonna give you a try

Cause if you wanna try to love again

(try to love again, try to love again)

Baby I’ll try to love again but I know


The first cut is the deepest

Baby I know

The first cut is the deepest

And when it comes to being lucky

He’s first

But when it comes to lovin me

He’s worst


The first cut is the deepest

Baby I know

The first cut is the deepest

Try to love again

There was another big round of applause from the people in the café type restruant.

“Thank you.” I said with a smile. I walked off the stage and handed the guitar to one of the trio of men in black.

I walked back out to my table to go pound Fang for making me do that. As I reached the table I saw that Fang was sitting on the table and that there was someone else with him. I walked closer to the picture in front of me but stopped half way.

The second figure looked like..¬†a girl’s figure. I took one more step to see that the feminine figure stepped towards Fang. One more step and I saw it. They were kissing.

“Bastard!” I screamed at Fang. The girl was the waitress and she just placed her fingertips over her lips and giggled. Fang looked shocked and guilty and had a small glint of sorrow in his dark brown eyes. I went over to my chair and took my purse and started to walk away. Fang grabbed my wrist.

“Max wait I can explai-” I turned around and slapped him. We looked at each other for a little and then I pulled my wrist free. I put my bag down on the floor and took my heels (shoes) off. I put my shoes in Fang’s empty hands which were no longer empty, picked up my purse and walked away. When I reached the front door of the building and walked out, I ran to the beach across the road from the country club.

I stopped right where the tide was at its highest so that my toes could feel the wet sand that the clear water and turned the white sand into. I hugged my knees tight to my chest. “Why does this kind of stuff always happen to me?” I asked my self. I then heard footsteps in the sand behind me.

“Get lost, Fang.” I said. I heard the footsteps get closer. I stood up and turned around to face, oh lookie here! Fang.

“I told you to get lost.” I said more clearly than the last time. He still didnt budge. “Do you have¬†ears?” I asked him. I gave him a little push. “What?” another little push. “Are you gonna come up with some lame excuse?” I pushed him again with a little more force. I felt some tears welling up. “I trusted you.” Another push with more force. “I went on a freaking¬†date with you.” Another push with even more force and tears starting to spill out. “I let Nudge and Angel coat me with this sticky, disgusting stuff.” More pushes. “I went¬†shopping with them for this.” I pushed Fang with the hardest push I could do. He actually fumbled a little bit. At this point my face was streaked with tears. Luckily Nudge and Angel used waterproof make-up. It was probably smudged a little bit because I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand.

Fang gave me one little push while I was off guard and I fell right down. I sat there, with my hands behind me giving me support, for about a minute and I turned back around to the ocean. “So? Aren’t you gonna leave?” I asked him. What he did next was some what surprising. He plopped down right next to me.

“You know and saw how that waitress was, what did you say… into me. You were onstage and I was watching alone. No one needed anything, so she made a move while you were up on stage.” He said.

“Why should I believe you?” I asked.

“Because, Max,” Fang began, “I asked you to this didnt I? I’m not that bad.” He made a small smile.

“So I overreacted a bit… no need to rub it in my face.” I said. “Please dont tell anyone about this…” I pleaded.

“As long as you forgive me.” Fang offered

“For what?” I asked. “You did nothing wrong. She went on you. You could..”

“have gotten out of it.” Fang finished for me. I was going to say couldnt but apparently he thought he could.

“Its fine.” I said. I turned my head towards Fang. We looked into each other’s eyes. At first Fang hesitated but went through. He leaned in a little bit to see in which direction would I move. Guess what? I moved closer to him. Getting the small confidence that he needed, Fang moved in all the way and kissed me. For you sappy love story fans out there… get this.

Fireworks went up when he kissed me. I didnt bother to look at them. All I know about that night is that I so kissed him back.


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Maximum Ride FanFiction – Chapter 11

DISCLAIMER: i do not own MR (Maximum Ride). James Patterson does.

WARNING: there are swear words of various sorts in this story. so if you are uncomfortable with these words, then do NOT read this story. lol

Chapter 11

It seemed like the longest car ride of my life to the mall. Nudge and Angel could not stop talking about what, can you believe it? dress I would wear for my.. date.

“I think she should wear a aqua blue dress. One of those ones where it is above the knee and then its all flowy and layered. Plus I think that it being a tube dress would give it a little edge.” Nudge told Angel.

“Really because I think that it should be more of a purple to match her hair. Plus I think that it should be floor length but just long enough to cover her feet. Not too long or it will drag on the floor and it will get all dirty. Also, I think that it should be a thick halter dress.” Angel disagreed.

“Well¬†I think that it should be a black long-sleeved dress that ends at mid-thigh with a high collar neckline.” I spoke out. I only said that dress because it really was one of the only dresses that I had. Plus. If I had to chose a favorite dress. It would be that one.

“Actually,” Nudge started, “that would be a¬†perfect dress. But you still need to get some accessories. So dont go thinking that you can get out of going to the mall with us, Max.”

“Couldnt imagine.” I muttered to myself.

When we got to the mall Angel and Nudge dragged me into Aldo and got me a pair of SOUS earrings, a PORTUONDO bracelet, a COSTEIRA bracelet, a MACLAREN ring, and a LIEFER hair clip (A.N. I wasnt sure if those were brand names or the name of the independent accessory so I just capitalized them.). Then Angel begged to get me some shoes to go with my dress. I went along since my house was more that 5 miles away and when you only have a skateboard as transportation… you’ll do whatever it takes to get a car ride home with someone you know.

I ended up getting a pair of N.Y.L.A. Mieko Boots. They were actually really awesome. They were black and lace ups. Plus the shoes had two buckle straps.. which I really liked. After I bought my one pair of shoes and Nudge and Angel had their… many.. pairs, they dragged me to American Eagle so that I could get a… bikini. They had me try on several bikini’s. There was a red and white striped one, there was one in the same design just navy and white, there was another that was a pink/peach color with white flowers on it, and all of these weird designs. I wasnt exactly the person who liked really complex and colorful and “exciting” designs and outfits. I was a plain girl. I liked my clothes plain along with my personality. I convinced Nudge and Angel to let me get the plain black bikini. Their only condition? They each get one day to style me however they wanted and I couldnt complain. I made a condition to their condition. NO BRIGHT COLORS. They agreed to my condition to their condition, so I agreed to their condition.

When we were all done shopping we grabbed some smoothies at the smoothie bar in the food court. We sat down at one of the booth seats. I had a side to myself, while Nudge and Angel shared a side. Of course we put¬†all of the shopping bags on the empty seat next to me which was more like a tower than a stack. The bags were starting to topple over me. I placed some of Nudge and Angel’s stuff on the floor so that I wouldnt get stuck underneath a pile of shopping bags in public. While we were sipping on our smoothies and talking about random stuff like:

Who would win in a fight? Octo mom or Brittney Spears


If a hobo walked up to a teacher, what would the teacher do?

And that type of random stuff. As we were talking we didnt notice that someone had come to our table. We all looked up. GUESS WHOOO.

“What do you want Lissa?” I asked. Lissa turned to Nudge.

“Will you please tell Max that I will not talk to her because I do not want to get hit and that she cant tell that im looking at her because im wearing my sunglasses and that she doesnt know that im thinking about her because she cant read minds?” Lissa asked Nudge.

“You heard her.” Nudge said to me. I rolled my eyes.

“Anyway since im not talking to Max directly, she cant do anything to me. Just wanted to say to watch out. I will get my revenge for Max stealing my boyfriend.” She turned on her heel and walked away to her little possy who followed her to the Victoria’s Secret store.

“So you guys want to chill at my place for a little bit?” I asked them. I wasnt going to worry about what Lissa had said. If she was going to mess with me she was going to pay a big price.

“Sure.” Angel and Nudge said at the same time.

“I want to see what you look like with your entire outfit on. I think you’ll look totally shnazzy.” Angel said.

I laughed. “Haha whatever you say Angel.” I smiled. “Come on. Lets go.”

As soon as we got to my house I yelled “Friends over. Dont bother me.”

“Say please!” Ella yelled back.


“Much better.”

I sighed. Ella could sometimes be so annoying. But I loved her anyway. I led the girls up to my room and stopped right in front of it. “Okay. Before you guys come in here… you have to promise not to freak or obsess over anything or tell anyone about my freakishly large house and bedroom. Got it?” Nudge and Angel exchanged questioning looks but nodded. “Okay.” I opened my bedroom door and they were all over the place before I even took three steps in.

“WOW. Max! This is so cool! How come you never told us about this?” Nudge asked.

“Um. I’ll tell you guys later. But remember. No obsessing, no freaking out about anything, and no telling anyone about this.” I reminded them.

“Yeah, yeah. Now lets see this smoking hot dress of yours and see how you look.” Angel said.

I opened my closet doors up. “This.. is your..¬†closet?” Nudge said in awe.

“Um.. yeah. I’ll explain all of this stuff later. Now lets see.. where did I put that dress… It should be in here.. I havent worn it in like 2 months..” I wondered to myself. “Oh! I know where I put it!” I walked over to the drawers near the shirts. “I thought I wasnt going to wear it for a while so I thought that eventually it could work out as a freakishly long shirt and slap on some leggings or something and put it with my rain boots.. or something like that.” I explained to Nudge and Angel who were currently going through every piece of clothing in my abnormally large closet. (A.N. If this isnt clear already (lol) Max’s closet is a walk in closet. Like bigger than normal. (thats what she said) haha) While they were distracted went to my tights/leggings/stockings drawer and picked out my fishnet tights that went really well with my dress. I took my tights, dress, shoes, and other various accessories to the bathroom and put them all on.

Honestly when I was finished I felt more like a stripper than a girl going on a date at a country club. I looked at myself in the full body mirror and tilted my head to the side in thought. I knew what was throwing it all off… my leggings. I took the leggings off and examined myself again. Still too stripper. “I know what will make this better…” I thought to myself. I wrapped a bathrobe around me and went back to my closet. Nudge and Angel and moved from the shirts to the shoes, meaning that they went through all of the shirts, pants, and dresses. I went to the jacket section and picked out my favorite light lavender cropped jacket that ended at my waist and the sleeves didnt go past my elbows. It was made of fake leather since I never used real animal products like fur and leather. It was against my rules.

I went back to the bathroom with the jacket in my hand and locked the door. I slipped off the bathrobe and put the jacket on. “That’s so much better.” I said to myself. I decided that I wasnt going to worry about my hair. I was going to let Nudge and Angel do my hair and… make-up. I had a feeling that I might… just might, regret making that decision, but I wasnt any good at either. I walked out of the bathroom in my full outfit and walked to the closet. Nudge and Angel were done looking at everything and were sitting on the bench in the middle of my closet.

“What do you guys think?” I asked them nervously. They both looked up and their eyes widened. “Its the color of the jacket isnt it?” I asked.

“Girl…” Nudge began. “You are smokin’ H-O-T, HOT.”

“You look totally amazing!” Angel squealed.

“Thanks. But I dont know.. I mean it just seems too…” I began

“Girl. Just shut up. You look good. You look sexy. And the important thing is that Fang is not going to be able to take his eyes off of you for more than five seconds.” Nudge ranted me. I could hear the attitude and seriousness and a small hint of laughter in her voice.

“I guess…”

“You know it.” Angel said.

“Yeah. You guys… I guess your right. Im just not used to giving myself complements. Thats all.” I told them. “Oh and I need you guys to do me a favor. I need you to do my hair and…” I hesitated, “make-up for tomorrow night. Will you do it?” I asked them.

“HELL YEAH WE’LL DO IT!” they both screamed together.

“Cool. But remember… NO BRIGHT COLORS.” I reminded them.

“Yeah yeah… just relax. We’ve got the whole look thing under control.” Angel said. “Hey since it’s like 6, I think im gonna jet. Nudge do you want to come with for a while to plan out how the hair and makeup are gonna go together tomorrow?” Angel asked.

“Sure. I got time. Mom’s not gonna be home until, like, 10 tonight… so I should be cool.” Nudge said.

“Alright. We’ll see you tomorrow Max!” Angel said excitedly.

“Yup.” I replied. I walked them downstairs and opened the door for them. “Bye!” I yelled after them.

“See ya!” Nudge yelled back with her hand up high and waving good bye to me. (A.N. That sounded like it rhymed to me…) I sighed. Tomorrow was going to be the longest day of my life.


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Maximum Ride FanFiction – Chapter 10

DISCLAIMER: i do not own MR (Maximum Ride). James Patterson does.

WARNING: there are swear words of various sorts in this story. so if you are uncomfortable with these words, then do NOT read this story. lol

Chapter 10:

I’m walking on sunshine WOAHHH

I’m walking on sunshine WOAHHH

And dont it feel good!


Ew. I hated that song. Way to perky and loud and happy for the morning. Since I set my alarm clock for 5:30 I knew I wouldnt have gotten up without a motivation. My motivation? Making sure that Ella and JJ dont wake up from my freaking loud annoying bastardus alarm clock. I slapped the “SNOOZE” button and sighed. I turned my head so that my face was in my pillow. I grunted and got up. I opened my closet which, for me, was freakishly big. It wasnt as big as my room but, it sure as hell was close to as big as my bathroom. Which was also freakishly big…

I went over to the section where I keep all of my hats. After trying on several multi-colored hats, I picked out a solid black baseball cap with an NYC logo on it. I walked over to my shirts and tried on a bunch of them. There was one with a long music staff on it and a bunch of notes wrapping the shirt, there was another that was light blue and in purple, white and black, it had the words “Not here, up here dumbass” with an arrow pointing to my face. I didnt think that I would be allowed to wear that around school all day so I put that one away too. After trying on at least 5 more, completely different shirts I settled on a grey t-shirt (that I designed myself) with a grafitti-fied “MAX” written across the chest in black and white. I really liked the “X” on the end of my name on this shirt because it was one of those “X”‘s that had the end of one of the bottom ends of the two lines extended with a pointed tip. I grabbed a black zip-up hoodie and slapped on a pair of black, ripped skinny jeans. I slipped on my favorite pair of black and white checkered KEDs and went downstairs. In the kitchen I opened one of the cabinets above the sink and pulled out a post-it note and a pen. I started peeling the orange and quickly finished peeling it. As I was throwing away the orange peel, I looked at the clock above the stove and saw that it was already 6AM. I quickly went back to the post-it and wrote to JJ or Ella:


Went to get my hair done. Im getting some purple streaks.




I slapped it on the coffee maker, grabbed my bag by the door, and ran to the garage to grab my skateboard. I stopped by a starbucks drive through and grabbed two Carmel Soy Lattes on my way to¬†Studio J, which was Dylan’s hair salon. One latte for me and one latte for Dylan. I wasnt sure what he got but who¬†doesnt love a good Carmel Soy Latte. I got to the hair studio with 5 minutes to spare. I waited on the steps outside of the door to the studio and waited for Dylan. I started to drink my latte and heard footsteps approaching. I looked up to a familiar smiling face.

“Early as always, arent we, Max” he said.

“You bet. Come on. Let’s go do this shabam thinger-ma-jig.” I said back.

“Oh how i’ve missed your inventive words, Max.” Dylan told me.

“Oh how I know you have.” I said. Sure it was a little self-centered… but not really. I handed Dylan the latte. “I wasnt sure what you usually get so I just got a double of what I get.” I explained.

“I usually get a Carmel Soy Latte.” Dylan told me.

“Shut up! No way! So do I!” I exclaimed. How much of a quawinkiy-dink was that? “Thats so cool we get the same thing. So if there’s time, do you think you could give he some layers? Not cut my hair shorter, just layer it?” I asked him.

“Yeah. Since the hair dye will quickly dye your hair we should have plenty of time.” Dylan told me. He unlocked the door to his studio and while he did my hair we caught up with each other. It was 7:30 when we were all done. “Well, you look fabulous! If I do say so myself.” Dylan told me. He spun me around in the hairdresser spiny chair. I looked into the mirror and saw that my hair was totally tricked out. I loved it. My blond hair was placed over my shoulders and went down to about a good three inches above my bellybutton and had little flairs of purple in it. My hair also felt a lot lighter considering that the layers were fairly thin.

“Wow.” I said. “Thank you so so so so much Dylan. So how much do I owe you?” I asked him.

“Ah, dont worry about it. You have enough troubles. No need to pay.” Dylan told me.

“Aw! Thanks, Dylan. But really, here’s thirty for your troubles.” I stuffed a twenty and a ten in his shirt pocket, grabbed my bag and skateboard, put my hat back on, and raced to school so that I wouldnt be late.

I walked into homeroom just in time that day. Nudge said that she loved how I looked today and especially the purple streaks in my hair but she would have preferred it pink instead of purple and all of the black I was wearing. Angel said she would wear what I was wearing if it were all green. Odd friends I have. Very odd.

I was skateboarding across the parking lot with Nudge and Angel close behind. I looked behind me to see how far back they were since I couldnt hear Nudge. Amazingly enough she wasnt talking. I was highly concerned and stopped in my wheels. (A.N. Get it. Like people say “stopped in my tracks” but since Max was on wheels she said “stopped in my wheels”! bahahahha okay its really not all that funny. Back to the storyy) “Nudge, you okay? You stopped talking for a second there.” I said.

“Yeah I’m totally fine.” Nudge said. She and Angel giggled. I gave them a weird look. “Um Max.” Nudge said.

“Uh, yeah?” I asked her. Both she and Angel came up to me. Nudge grabbed my shoulder and spun me around. “I think someone wants to talk to you.” I looked up to see Fang there, semi-blushing. You couldnt see his cheeks red, but you could feel the embarrassment vibe off of him.

“Oh. Hi Fang.” I said. I tucked my hair behind my ear. “Whats up?” I asked.

“Um. Were you doing anything Friday night?” he asked.

“Oh um yeah actually. I was-”

“She’ll be there.” Nudge and Angel butted in. They were so dead.

“Just text me the info since Max clearly wouldnt care about it and she’ll see you there. We’ll make sure of it.” Angel said with a smile on her face.

Fang’s face brightened a little bit. As much as he could in his current state. “Okay, cool. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” he said. He turned on his heel and walked over to his black Porshe. As soon as he was out of the parking lot, I turned around to Nudge and Angel. I could just see the steam coming from my own head.

“Okay. So we know you’re mad and all… but at least you have a date with the hottest guy at school!” Nudge said hopefully.

“You two are¬†beyond dead if I dont like Friday night.” I told them.

Nudge squealed. “Oh goodie! You like my surprise!” Nudge said. She turned to Angel and they high-fived each other.

“You two set me up?” I questioned them.

“Well not exactly,” Angel said, “See, we hinted to Fang that you liked him and that he should ask you out. We didnt tell him directly but we knew that we hinted enough so that he got the picture.” Angel explained.¬†BBBBBBZZZZZZZZ Angel got a text.

“Oh good. You two have a date at 8PM friday night at a private club! Shnazzy!” Angel exclaimed.

“What in the world have I let you two get me into?” I asked them.

“What is going to be the best date of your life!” Nudge squealed.

BBBBBBBBZZZZZZZ Angel got another text. I grabbed her phone so I could see it for myself.

Tell Max to bring either a swimsuit or something she can wear on the beach with her in her bag or whatever you girls call it

the text said.

“Oh no.” I said. I was horrified of what torture I was about to go through.

“SHOPPING TIME!” Nudge and Angel screamed together.

“No! No no no no no no no! I REFUSE!” I yelled. Nudge grabbed my arm and dragged me to her car. Angel grabbed my bag and my skateboard and dumped it into Nudge’s Chevy’s trunk.

“To the mall… away!” Nudge yelled out the window as she pulled out of the parking spot.

By the time this field trip was done. I was going to be plain, flat out, dead.

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Maximum Ride FanFiction – Chapter 9

DISCLAIMER: i do not own MR (Maximum Ride). James Patterson does.

WARNING: there are swear words of various sorts in this story. so if you are uncomfortable with these words, then do NOT read this story. lol

Chapter 9:

I woke up to the delicious smell of coffee. I opened my eyes and saw a cup of starbucks coffee on my bedside table and saw that there was a little note attached to it. I sat up and took the note off of the cup, purely so that I could drink the coffee. I’ll read the note after I get ready.

I got dressed in a simple and plain white tank top, a Charlotte Russe grey cardigan wrap (A.N. Its story time! So I googled “cardigan” and then I saw that it wasnt what I wanted, then I saw that it was a cardigan wrap that I wanted Max to wear. So I searched that and saw the perfect grey cardigan wrap and looked at it and I was like “OMG THAT IS BEYOND PERFECT” so I took the exact name of it and put it on here(: lovely story right? Okay anyway (holy shit that rhymed) so Max was wearing a plain white tank top (I love the Plain White T’s… although they have gone downhill recently..) and a Charlotte Russe grey cardigan wrap. Oh and if you google that exact name it will be the first result in “Google Images”), slightly ripped jean shorts, and my favorite pair of converse. To add a little something to it, I put on three silver bangles, a black watch with little gold tickers (A.N. Thats what I call “the hands of the clock” or arms or whatever… I really could care less about what they are called…), a ring on my middle finger on my left hand, one on my thumb on my right and and one on my ring finger on my right hand. I finished the coffee and threw it out in my bathroom trash can, took the note, grabbed my bag, and went downstairs.

While going down the stairs, I read the little note that was on my coffee cup when I woke up.

Dear Max,

I had to drop off Ella at school early today so I left you this cup of coffee…

or as I recalled, the coffee I already drank…

and there are some blueberry muffins on the counter.

I’ll be home late today. Around midnight so you’re in charge for dinner for you and Ella tonight.




Remember Max,

Ella doesnt eat meat… SO NO FAST FOOD.

(A.N. I dont know why im having Ella be a vegetarian… I just am hahaahahhaha)

That was my usual solution to dealing with dinner (A.N. That sounded really cool… “dealing with dinner” you know what also sounds cool? “gaming on pok√©mon” okay anyway (YET AGAIN)). Fast food and i’m all set. But I guess I have to take Ella somewhere else. I was thinking Lopez. Boy did I love their food. I usually got their corn quesadilla with cheese, corn, salsa, and some guacamole.

Anyway, I went to my car and drove to school, listening to Q104. I parked in my new spot or Lissa’s old spot, walked across the parking lot, through the doors of my school, to my locker, grabbed my books, and went to advisory. On my way to advisory, Nudge came up to me. She seemed really excited about something that I couldnt figure out.

“Oh my gosh! Max! You’re going to be so excited about this! Its totally perfect!” she exclaimed. I was slightly scared and worried about what she was going to say.

“Okay…” I said slowly.

“Are you ready?” asked Nudge.

“Um.. yeah.” I told her.

“You sure?” she asked again.

“Yeah, Nudge.” I said.

“You’re absolutely…”

“NUDGE!” I exclaimed.

“Right. Sorry.” She said. She looked around the hallway, not seeming to be looking for anything in particular. She was just looking around.

“Nudge!” I said quickly. I was starting to get a little annoyed.

“Hm? Oh right. The news. Okay so you’ll never believe this…” Nudge said even more excited than before. “FANG IS SINGLE!” she squealed.

I just stared at her. She continued to jump up and down. Clearly thinking I would be doing the same.

“Nudge. Why in the world do you think I would care, at all, about that?” I asked her. I thought it was a reasonable question.

“Wait a second. Dont you like Fang? I could have sworn that you have a huge crush on him.” She told me. Since when did I like Fang? I was completely confused.

“No. I dont like or have a crush on Fang, Nudge. I never did, and I never will. Comprendo?” I told her. I could still see that she thought I liked him and I was just trying to hide it, but I decided not to continue with the conversation considering the topic we were talking about.

“Sure. Whatever. I know you do though. And I am going to do whatever it takes for you to admit it.” She said in a cheery voice. I glared at the back of her head as she skipped away to her homeroom. I walked to my homeroom and sat down in the back. I looked around the room not searching for anything in particular. My eyes wandered around the room and landed on the back of Fang’s head. I continued to stare at it, not really thinking about anything. That is, until Fang turned around. I quickly looked away so that he didnt know that I was looking at the back of his head.

“Are you trying to burn holes in the back of my head or something, Max?” He asked me.

“What? No! No! No! Nothing! I wasnt doing anything.” I said quickly. I looked to my right since the left of me was the closed blinds of the window. I put my head down, not knowing if he was still looking in my direction. My eyes landed on Iggy, who I havent spoken to since the first day of school.

“Hey Iggy.” I said tiredly.

“Hey Max.” Iggy said back. He turned his head to face me, even though he couldnt see me, I somehow felt like he could in his own way.

“How’s the first three days of school been for you?” I asked him.

“They’ve been really slow. How about you?” he asked back.

“Same. But in ways they’ve been really fun. You know how Chris and Brigid were like totally trashed?” I asked him. He nodded his head. “Yeah.. that was me.” I said with a smirk on my face.

“Why did you do¬†that?” Iggy asked.

“Chris was cheating on Nudge with Brigid. It was this big dramatic thing with me and my temper and it just sort of landed on that being my stress ball.” I explained to him.

“Oh…” Said Iggy, clearly a little taken aback from finding out that Chris was cheating on Nudge.

After that Iggy and I talked until homeroom started which was only, really about five minutes. After homeroom I bumped into Nudge again who had an evil smirk on her face.

“Okay… I sort of scared to ask.. but… what’d ya do, girly?” I asked her.

“You’ll see.” she told me. Again, I was a little freaked out and just backed away slowly. About halfway down the hall I turned on my heels and went to my locker so I could get my stuff for english class.

By the time lunch came, I had a series of awkward events happen to me. First, I bumped into Fang. Again. Two, Angel had asked me if I liked Fang. Which I said “no” to of course. Three, I bumped into Fang. AGAIN. And four,¬†Iggy, asked me if I liked Fang. I had a strange feeling that Nudge was behind all of this.

After school I went to the cafeteria. I was going to grab an apple. I really liked the granny smith apples. I was a sour girl. I liked things that were sour.. even though they didnt taste sour to me. Only to other people apparently. Anyway I grabbed my apple from the basket, I turned around and started to walk to the door. Nudge and Angel popped right in front of me. I jumped when I looked up.

“Um.. hi?” I told them.

“Oh… you’re gonna be so excited for my surprise!” Nudge squealed.

“Yeah. I’m sure im going to be excited.” I said dryly. Nudge gave me one of her “way to be a poop” face. I sighed. “Fine. I’ll try to be a little excited for whatever disaster is coming my way from you two.” I told Angel and Nudge. Nudge smiled. I liked it better when my friends werent upset or pouting at me.

I walked to the parking lot and drove to Panera Bread to pick up dinner for Ella and me. I got ella a ceaser salad and got myself a bagel and cream cheese for tomorrow morning. I drove straight home though I didnt do much once I got there before going to bed. I dropped my car keys into the key bowl on the table in the hall right in front of the front door and took the Panera Bread bag up to Ella’s room and dropped it off. Once I got to my room, I did my english, geometry, american history, and chemistry homework and then I walked back down the carpeted hall to Ella’s room. I knocked on her door and came in anyway. “Hey” I said. I plopped down on her bed.

She turned around in her purple spinny chair to face me. “Hey” she said back. “How’s Death Diamond?” she asked. See, Ella goes to my school’s rival school. Of course we didnt hate each other because of it and I didnt go to her school because, well I dont exactly know why.. perhaps I should have thought about that. Oh well. I liked my friends and where I was.

“Torture. Nudge and Angel are trying to set me up with this dude that goes to my school. She’s all excited about tomorrow and she thinks that i’ll be all excited about her surprise for me. Honestly, I’m sort of worried.” I told her.

“Oh wow. Thats more interesting than whats going on at my school..” Ella said. “Well on the bright side you have some sort of surprise waiting for you tomorrow.”

“How is that on the bright side? Ella. You know I dislike strongly surprises.” I said. I used dislike strongly instead of “hate” because well.. story time:

I used to use the word “hate” a lot. And when I began to live with Ella and JJ and JJ didnt like the word “hate” because she thought that it was too strong of a word. So she told me to start using “dislike strongly” instead of “hate.”

“Well I would love to have a surprise so just try to be happy about getting one for once. And be especially grateful since it’s coming from a friend who you’ve only had for three days.” She told me. I sighed.

“I guess. Well i’ll see you tomorrow mornin'” I said. “Night.”

“Late.” Ella turned back to her computer and resumed typing her paper.

I went to my room and closed the door. I changed into my PJs which were light blue fuzzy pants with little ducks on them and a white t-shirt. I went to my bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face and such. I finished washing my face and dried my face with my lime green towel. I looked up to see my reflection in the mirror. I was thinking that tomorrow I was going to go for a skater look. I didnt know why but I just thought that for one day I might change up my style.

I picked up my cell phone and called my hair stylist since I was, like, three.


“Hey! Dylan! Its me, Max.”

“Oh. Hey Max! How’ve you been?” he asked me.

“Great. How about you?” I asked back.

“Good. Great. Career’s gone way high since I first started out with you and your mom.”

“Thats so awesome! Say, do you think you could do an early one for me? I’ll pay double if thats what it takes.” I offered.

“Oh, thats not necessary, Max. You’ve been a loyal customer for such a long time. You dont have to pay extra. Hell, I’ll give you a discount. What time do you want to do this appointment?” he asked me.

“Wow thanks! Um how’s 6:30ish? I have to be at school by 8 so I think that would be enough time to do some quick purple streaks? Considering that my school is only like 5 minutes from your studio.” I asked.

“Yeah. That’s plenty of time.” Dylan repied.

“Awesome. Thank you so much, Dylan.” I said.

“Okay so I’ll see you tomorrow.”


“Okay. Well, bye.”

“Bye, Dylan. Thanks so much again.”

“Bye, Max.”

I clicked off the phone and went straight to bed.

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Maximum Ride FanFiction – Chapter 8

DISCLAIMER: i do not own MR (Maximum Ride). James Patterson does.

WARNING: there are swear words of various sorts in this story. so if you are uncomfortable with these words, then do NOT read this story. lol

Chapter 8:

My alarm clock went buzzing off at 5AM. I slapped it down so that no one else would wake up. I rubbed my eyes and laid there for about and hour. My eyes flew open. “Shit. 1 hour? 6AM… I was supposed to already be on my way to Starbucks by now.” I got out of my covers and took a quick cold shower to wake me up while brushing my teeth. Yes. In the shower as well. After blow drying my hair just enough and drying myself, I slapped on a pair of American Eagle ripped stone washed skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, a hoodie, my nike high tops, and my favorite pair of silver hoop earrings. I put my hair up into a messy bun on the top on my head and put on a small bit of eyeliner on my top eyelid, plus (just to add a little something for Nudge when I have to explain what I did to her “boyfriend”) I put on a tiny layer of clear lipgloss. Yes. Lip gloss. The one thing I despise more than eye shadow. Ugh.

After stuffing all of my homework into my black school bag, I swung it over my shoulder so that the strap was across the front of my body and was out the door of my house in less than 25 minutes (A.N. That would be a world record for me haha)

I sped to starbucks to quickly get a cup of coffee. I was careful around the spots that the cops usually dwell to catch people disobeying the law. After a 3 minute stop to starbucks, it was 6:35AM. I drove to school at a relatively normal speed. I still needed to make it behind the bleachers before 7:00AM so that I could finish what would be left of my coffee and warm up my fists for Brigid’s face. I reached school at 6:55AM. I finished my coffee on the way to the bleachers and threw it out in the trash can beside the gate that led to the football field.

Right before I turned away to head back to the bleachers, I saw a small figure walking towards the bleachers. I ran back, behind the bleachers, assuming it was Brigid walking across the field. I poked my head out to see which way she was going to come at so that she wouldnt see me when she first looked up from her obsessive texting. It seemed as though she was coming from the left so I put my back against the black, metal pole, that held up the bleachers, so that it was facing where I guessed she would come. I waited not 2 minutes before I heard her 3″ heel’s crunching against the tall grass.

“you hoo. Anyone here? Hellooooooo?” Brigid called out. I waited 1 minute only to hear her step closer to me.

“Sorry. Your douche is at home, slowly recovering from his beating yesterday.” I said. I heard her gasp. I was guessing that she knew it was me so I stepped out from behind the pole and faced her with an evil smirk on my face. “I told you what would happen if you talked to Chris again, Brigid. Now you’re gonna pay for doing just that.”

“Dammit.” she muttered. I chuckled and walked up to her.

“This will go by a lot faster if you just close your eyes and try not to think or talk.” I told her. To my surprise she did close her eyes and shut her mouth. I was guessing that she thought that if she did what I said she wouldnt feel any pain. For a moment I actually felt bad. I decided to do something a little different for Brigid.

Quietly, I tip-toed over to a pile of mud and put my hands together and scooped up some mud. I walked over to Brigid and asked her, “You ready?”

“As i’ll ever be dumbass.” she told me. That did it. I was going to throw this in her face and… no. I really should start to take anger management classes or something. Instead of beating her to a pulp I kicked her shin and she opened her mouth to scream but I threw the mud right onto her face so the mud went right into her mouth and dripped all over her clothes.

She wiped the mud out of her eyes and looked at me with a non-frightening glare of anger. I didnt feel threatened at all. In fact. I smiled. “Hey at least its better than being bruised everywhere and bleeding to death.” I told her. I picked up my bag and walked away. Yes, I am going to leave her there. Its not like I really care for the bitch anyway.

I walked in through the front doors of my school only to be ambushed by Nudge and Angel.


I pulled her to the side of the long hallway. Angel tagged along and stayed quiet, but you could still tell she was completely on Nudge’s side of the discussion and was a little mad at me, for the same reason as Nudge.

“Nudge. I can totally explain, but I dont think you’re going to like it..” I told her. Right before I was going to explain everything,¬†she entered the hallway.

“Max. Please tell me that you didnt do that. Please, Max.” pleaded Nudge. I gave her a “sorry… I did do that…” look. Guess who walked right in. That’s right.


“You…” Nudge said quietly. She stepped out from behind me and looked at Brigid in total horror, shock, and sadness. “Brigid? I trusted you. I thought you were my friend.” Tears started welling up in her brown eyes. She shut her eyes tight and shook her head. “My mistake.” Nudge said strongly. She went right up to Brigid and punched her hard right in the cheek. I was extremely shocked. I never knew Nudge could punch like¬†that. Brigid quickly fell to the ground with a loud “thump.” Nudge turned, and ran down the long hall. Brigid stood up and examined her face in her little mirror. She closed it and looked at me, eyes wide.

I smiled at her. “Night.” and I chopped my hand horizontally at the knock-out spot/pressure point in her neck. She fell right down like a goose in hunting season. I looked down at her, shrugged, and walked away to go find Nudge. “Any idea where she might be?” I asked Angel who was following me.

“I have three ideas of where.” She said. “One, the bathroom. Two, Chris’s locker. Or three, counselor’s office.” We both looked at each other.

“Counselor’s office.” we said at the same time.

We both went to Nudge’s counselor’s office and waited. We could hear her ranting and crying inside.

Both Angel and I knew that Nudge went to the counselor’s office because:

The counselor is the only person who would listen to Nudge’s lectures and not interrupt.

She wouldn’t tell the principal or anyone else

Nudge was able to rant like there was no tomorrow in and with any language that she wanted to without being told to watch her mouth

Its a girl to girl thing that mostly every girl has been through and most female counselor’s have been in that situation and know how to deal

I’m only listing a 5th reason because it bothers me when there’s a list of things below 5 and doesnt end with a 5th reason or whatever. So deal.

Although I was only there for one day, I knew all of this because on the first day of school,¬†all of the teachers give their little lecture/speech about what they plan on torturing us with throughout the school year and if we need advice or something like that in their field of “knowledge” we can go to them. The counselor, Ms. Hile, well, she was all about the personal life and relationships person.

Angel and I waited all through homeroom. I would have to explain to not only Ms. Walker and the Principal, but JJ as well. I’m NEVER late. Ever. She would get suspicious that I was purposely ditching class or something and then it would turn into a big deal and it would just get totally crazy. I wasnt sure how Angel was going to deal, but I was sure she was going to be fine. It’s not like her parents are going to completely flip that she was late just this once. Especially since it was for a close friend.

Nudge walked out just as the bell for 2nd period rang. She walked down the hall to her locker and Angel and I followed. We stopped at her locker and asked her the usual, “You okay?” and “Do you need anything.” Nudge turned to me and hugged me. I wasnt much of a hugger as I said before in the situation with Ella. But I mean… Some people have exceptions. I just stood there awkwardly and was a little stunned. I slowly completed the hug and hugged Nudge back. Nudge then turned to Angel and hugged her too. Of course Angel was a total hugger so she was totally ready for Nudge’s hug.

“Max.” She said, “I’m so so so¬†so sorry about accusing you of doing something bad without a reason. I’m probably the absolute¬†worst friend right now. Can you ever forgive me?” She asked.

“Nudge, sweetie. You have nothing to be sorry about. You didnt know what Chris was doing and you had the right to be upset about it.” I pointed out. I did a half smile. “So I was thinking.. if you guys arent doing anything this friday, you could come crash at my place and we could like… well I dont know what we would do. I only went to one of these “sleepovers” like three times. And that was when I was really little. So I dont really remember what at one. But I’m sure that we can figure something out.”

I knew that JJ would be fine with it. See.. JJ is kind of worried that I dont have any friends and that I’m socially awkward. So, whenever I¬†do have friends over (which is rare, might I point out) she is completely fine with it and goes way overboard with the prep stuff. She gets all of this stuff at the store and bakes a bunch of cookies (which I absolutely¬†love) and stuff. JJ gets all of these random drinks and junk food and rents a bunch of movies and buys all of this stuff. It’s actually kind of scary how much she does for me. I really appreciate JJ… but sometimes she just needs to chill. Kind of like¬†allmoms do.

“Yeah! That sounds great. I’m not doing anything on Friday or Saturday so I could totally come.” Said Nudge. “Angel, can you come?”

“Eh. I hope so. My parents are so strict. Could we lie and say that we are studying for Latin or something so that we dont have any sheets or stuff that we need to fill out?” Asked Angel.

Nudge and I laughed. “I think we can pull off that lie.” I said, “Come on. Let’s get to class before Mrs. Joell gives us one of her lectures on how important it is to be ever so punctual like she did when we walked in 30 seconds after class started yesterday.” and with that Nudge, Angel and I walked to class

When the bell for the end of the day rang, Nudge, Angel and I walked to the football field, which was, for fall, the soccer field. Nudge was trying out for the cheerleading squad with Angel. I, on the other hand, was just there for support. I wasnt really into the real girly stuff. If you havent noticed already.


My phone vibrated. I checked who it was. You got one guess. I’ll bet you get it right. Yup. Hello there Mysterious Texter.

How ya doin

im fine?

Good to hear.

I guess lol

Hmm… you seem happy. Except not.

Haha your so funny. Im normal unlike some people

I am relatively normal.

Pssht “relatively”


So why the sudden text? Havent heard from you since last night. I was expecting one in the middle of the day.

Been busy with stuff

I see… Like creeping on me?

I had to wait at least 15 minutes until I got a text back. I didnt mean it in a bad way. I was just playing with him. Her. Whoever.

No. Just personal stuff. I cant tell you about it, if you dont mind. Unless you want to start creeping on me and learning everything about me.

Nah. I’m good. ūüėõ

What? So im not important to you?

Not really.

Ouch. That hurts. Oh no! My heart has stopped! I’m going to die from the pain! Noooooooooooo!

Dont joke like that! I hate jokes about death! Well actually I hate jokes all together. Joking around I can deal with. But never straight forward jokes.

Oh, yay! I can add that to my list of stalkerish things about you.


Well I have to go do the “About Me” paper from Ms. Walker. *hint hint*

I dont get it.

The hint. “Ms. Walker”

Not catching on

That means im in your advisory.

Oh. Well that was pretty obvious now that you point it out…

Just a bit.

K well.. bye


Nudge and Angel walked up to me.

“Hey Max! How’d we do?” Angel asked me.

“You guys were amazing.” I said.

“Max.. you werent paying attention the whole time.. were you?” Nudge asked.

“Not the entire time. Sorry.” I told them. I felt bad but I mean.. like I said before. Texting is like my #1 priority.

“Its fine. I owe you anyway for forgiving me for being such a loser earlier.” Nudge told me.

“Nudge I told you. You have nothing to be sorry about.” I told her.

“Well your not off the hook for me.” Angel pouted.

“I’ll tell you parents that we’re not really studying and then you wont be able to join in with me and Nudge for the fun party on Friday.” I threatened playfully.

“I’m good.” Angel said quickly. I smiled at them both and was so thankful that I had friends like that.

“Well I’m gonna jet. JJ is probably freaking right now because I’m not home. I’ll see you guys tomorrow, kay?” I told them.

“Bye Max!” They both yelled while I was walking away. I started wondering who the Mysterious Texter was. I wasnt the biggest fan of surprises or mysteries and I was not patient in any way at all. I looked down at my phone. “(374) 927-2815” I thought to myself. I wondered if Angel or Nudge had that number in their phones. I decided I would ask them tomorrow at school. I continued walking and looking at my phone, which wasnt a very smart idea. I bumped into someone and fell down on my tush.

I picked up my phone, which fell to my right, and stood up. I brushed off the little black stones off of my butt and looked at the person I bumped into to apologize. He beat me to it.

“Uh. Sorry.” He said. Guess who!

“Its fine Fang. I should have been looking. You know what phones can do these days!” I joked.

I looked up to give him a friendly smile. When I looked at his face all I could see were his dark, brown eyes. They looked practically black. But with my cat like eye sight, I could see a small glimmer of brown. I just stood there standing like a stupid idiot, without blinking, for at least a whole minute, which felt like hours. I leaned in a little bit. I had no idea what I was doing. I had absolutely no control about what I was about to do. I could tell he was leaning in a little bit too. Right before what could have possibly made my entire year better, (remember, I said possibly) she called out.

“Oh Fang! Where are you?”

I then blinked and realized what I was doing. My eyes became wide. I took a step back. I opened my mouth to talk but nothing came out. I hung my head a little bit and looked away. I felt my entire face heating up and could tell that my cheeks were completely red. I moved my eyes to get a quick glance of what Fang’s reaction was. His long, black bangs that swept from the left to right covered his eyes as he looked at the ground. I could swear that I saw the slightest bit of pink on his cheeks.


“I’d better go.” I breathed. I turned on my heel and ran to my car. I unlocked my door, stepped in, turned on the engine, and drove home. Once I got home, I went right to JJ’s room and told her that I was watching my friends at their cheerleading tryout and about the sleepover on Friday. I walked down the hall to my room and got started on my homework. After I was done with all of the homework, I looked at the clock only to see that it was 9:00PM. I went downstairs to grab some salad. I quickly finished it and went upstairs to my room, got ready, and plopped down on my bed.

I took out my MacBook Pro and went to Safari. I checked my facebook and already had 50 friend requests. All from Light Diamond High School. I noticed that the first three were from Nudge, Angel, and Iggy. I automatically accepted those and looked at the rest to make sure that none of the were from Lissa. Once they were all clear I accepted all of them. I now had 738 friends on facebook. Great. JJ would be so much happier if they actually were my friends and I socialized with them, but I mean, you cant be friends with¬†everybody. After I set my status as “im tired. I think i’ll go grab some cereal.” I went downstairs and grabbed a bowl of POPS and ate it very quickly. Faster than the salad.

I walked up to my room and saw that it was 10:00PM. I grabbed my phone and texted Nudge and Angel that it was cool with JJ about the sleepover so they can go ahead and ask their rents about it. I yawned and plugged in my phone to the charger and went right to bed.

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Maximum Ride FanFiction – Chapter 7

DISCLAIMER: i do not own MR (Maximum Ride). James Patterson does.

WARNING: there are swear words of various sorts in this story. so if you are uncomfortable with these words, then do NOT read this story. lol

Chapter 7:

After I kicked Chris in the neck, I heard a *thump* on the ground and came out from my failed hiding place. Clearly I kicked a bit to hard for these wimps. Chris was out. Cold. I sat down and waited. I heard the cheerleaders practicing so I knew I had been there for at least a half hour. I started to get bored and I took his phone out of his bag and looked through it. Turns out that he texts Brigid more than Nudge. And Nudge… that girl texts like theres no tomorrow.

Chris stared to regain consciousness. I stood up right in front of him. Once he stood up he looked right at me. Sure he was, like, a centimeter taller than me but hey. I was still¬†way stronger than he would ever be. I smiled sweetly and said, “Hello.” and I gave him a punch right in his stomach, coming up so that my fist went right up his ribs… not to much… maybe, like, an inch or two in between them. It was supposed to be a light punch but I guess I was more tough than everybody at this school. He was on the ground on his knees clutching his stomach. “Stand. Up. Now.” I commanded him. Oddly enough he obeyed. “Now see. I warned you.” I gave him a kick to his dick (A.N. OMG THAT RHYMED.) and “he screamed like slutty girl #1 on the latest teen horror flick.” (A.N. That quote my friends, is from Dr. Fisher on Bones ūüôā I love that show so freaking much.)

I grabbed his phone and ran. I knew people had heard him scream and I knew that they were coming over to check it out. Chris would be in too much pain to say that it was me so I knew that would be okay. The reason that I took his phone is so that he couldnt call Brigid and warn her. Obviously boys (A.N. Again, no offense to any male readers there.) arent smart enough to remember a girl’s number. That’s why they use their phones. I raced to my car, turned on the engine, and got out of the giant school parking lot as quickly as I could without being caught by any teachers that would suspect anything.

When I got home I got through a majority of my homework. All I had left was my Biology homework and then I would be done. I had a small break to eat dinner. After dinner I went back to my room, did my Biology homework and got ready for bed. As I was brushing my teeth I got a new text. I picked up my phone to see who had texted me.

The mysterious texter (A.N. Thats what im calling him from now on hehe. Watch me forget lol.) had texted me again:

Chris got a terrible beating.. I wonder who its from. La la la la la…

it was you wasnt it?

The dick deserved it

Mhmm… and why?

Its personal…

Really? So just for your own selfish needs?


sure sure

it wasnt

okay… what ever you say


whats the real reason?

Why should I tell you?

Because I could tell everyone that you gave Lissa and Chris their injuries and I could warn Brigid about her’s tomorrow morning

how the hell do you know this stuff?

I told you… I have my ways. Now why?

He was cheating on Nudge


He was cheating on Nudge with Brigid.


That a good enough reason?

Um… yeah. Okay. Um im gonna go comprehend this.




I dropped my phone onto my bed and went to go spit out the bubbles in my mouth from the toothpaste… see, whenever I get a text… it becomes my #1 priority. So I didnt have a chance to spit out the stuff from the toothpaste while I was texting the mysterious texter. After brushing my teeth I went to Ella’s room and knocked on her door.

“Who is it?”

“Its Max. I need you to help me get this shit off of my face.”

“Max… language!” yelled JJ from down the hall.

“Sorry!” I yelled back just as Ella opened the door.

“Come on in.” Ella told me.

I walked into her room… I didnt like it very much since it was light pink, light purple, and white with yellow accents. They were all really bright colors so I wasnt very used to it since my room wasnt completely bright… I mean I have white polka dots… but those are just accents. So I dont really count those.

Ella began taking off the crap that people call make-up off of my face.

“So… have you and Gazzy worked things out yet?” I asked her cautiously.

“Um. Sort of. I mean I walked into school and everyone was, like, coming up to me and saying stuff like, ‘are you okay? I heard what happened.’ and I didnt have a clue about what they were talking about so I went up to Gazzy and he started apologizing and stuff and trying to make it seem like he was all innocent. It kind of bothered me that he was trying to lie to me even though he knew I was there.” Ella explained.

“That stinks. But Ella?”


“What exactly happened when you caught him?”

(A.N. Imagine this as a flashback in ELLA’s POV)

“Well I went to my usual jog down 3 blocks, turn right and another 3 blocks, through the park, and back. While I was in the park, I saw someone who only looked like Gazzy with another girl… I knew it wasnt him because I never thought that he would cheat on me. When I passed by them I saw that it¬†was Gazzy and before I knew it they were totally kissing and making out… So I went up to them and tapped Gazzy on the shoulder. He looked shocked, stood up, and I slapped him and left.”

(A.N. End of flashback! lol.)

There was an odd silence after Ella ended her story. She finished cleaning off the make-up and I got up and left. I got back to my room, got under my covers, and went straight to sleep.

I was so ready to beat up Brigid the next morning.

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Maximum Ride FanFiction – Chapter 6

DISCLAIMER: i do not own MR (Maximum Ride). James Patterson does.

WARNING: there are swear words of various sorts in this story. so if you are uncomfortable with these words, then do NOT read this story. lol

Chapter 6:

So after I found Fang we walked back to class. It was an awkward walk considering that small little incident. All during class I could feel this awkward vibe in the room… See, after the walk, we walked into class. Only, Fang was¬†totally blushing and had this nervous look on his face. Plus. One thing that scared the shit out of everyone. He had the tiniest¬†smile on his face. Probably the smallest known to mad-kind. But still a smile none the less. On¬†Fang. This was big.

After class. I saw everyone giving me these weird looks. Of course when I looked at them with my signature death glare, they quickly turned away and stopped talking. At lunch, everything seemed peaceful and quiet. That is… until none other than Nudge came in. At first she came in running, but then as she started to notice that everyone was looking at her, she slowed down to a fast walk. And guess who she came right to? Yup. Me.

“OH MY GOSH. MAX. IS IT TRUE?” she asked me.

“Is what true?” I asked her back. I was completely confused. I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about and what was true?

“THAT YOU AND FANG KISSED.” she told me.

“WHAT? WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT, NUDGE? WHO THE HELL TOLD YOU THAT? THATS IT. IM GOING AFTER WHOEVER STARTED THAT FUCKING RUMOR AND IM GOING TO SQUASH THEM IN TO THE NEXT FLIPPING CENTURY AND *muffle muffle muffle*” Nudge, Iggy, and Angel slapped their hands over my mouth and pushed me back down into my seat and all simultaneously said “shhhhhh.” It was actually kind of creepy…

“Nudge,” I said calmly, “where did you hear that?” I was trying extremely hard not to scream at her.

“Well, I have ears like a hawk so I hear things. But last I heard was when I was just walking away from Chris when Brigid walked up to him. And…” I stopped listening.

“Nudge. Did you just say Brigid walked up to Chris?”

“Um yeah. Right after I walked away Brigid went right up to him. Why do you ask?”

Oh that boy was¬†beyond dead. And Brigid. Oh. I was going to pummel her to the ground¬†way past where the level of “hell” was.

“Um. Excuse me for a second. I have to go deal with something.” I stood up and stomped my way out of the lunch room. I heard Nudge calling my name but I didnt turn back. I was way to angry. I stomped all the way to my locker, which, wasnt very far but I still stomped all the way there. And stomping takes a lot more energy than walking. My legs would have felt like jelly if I wasnt burning with anger.

I had one of the most un-devious plans of all my plans in mind. It was probably called “pure evil” in this school but for me it was like¬†way down below what I usually do. I guess my new title here could be, “The Evil Empress of Light Diamond High School, Class of 2014.” Whoopie. My lucky day. Anyway.

I got to my locker and slipped out 2 pieces of notebook paper from my binder. On one sheet of notebook paper I wrote:

Hey babe,

meet me tomorrow morning at 7:30 behind the bleachers on the football field so we can make out a little bit without Max or Nudge knowing.

I love you,

Knowing that Brigid wasnt very smart I knew she wouldnt recognize the hand-writing difference. On the other piece of paper I wrote:

Hey baby,

so I was thinking that we could do something behind the bleachers on the football field after-school today. That way Max is at home and she wont know and Nudge has cheerleading practice so she wont notice us.

Love you baby,

I made my handwriting neater and more girly like so that it would seem more like her handwriting.

I really hated being all mushy and stuff but hey, it had to be done. I was going to do exactly that when they came to the bleachers. Just to make sure that I got there before either of them today, I was going to tell my teacher that I had a doctors appointment after school and my mom forgot to call in and tomorrow morning I was going to wake up really early, get a giant mug of coffee, drink it on my way to school, and be behind the bleachers at 7:20 right before she got there.

I knew where Chris’s locker was since Nudge spent most of her time there. I looked for locker 290. I went up one flight of stairs and walked all the way across the floor. I finally reached Chris’s locker and I read the note I wrote for him just to make sure it was the right one. Then I folded it up and slipped into his locker, but left just a little bit out so that even a dick like him would be able to see it.

Next was onto Brigid’s locker. I knew where her locker was since it was right across Chris’s locker, just 10 lockers to the right. I went to her locker, folded up the note and slipped it into her locker all the way. I pushed the note in all the way since boys arent smart enough to leave it so that the girl would see it sticking out a little bit (A.N. – no offence to the boys reading this. It’s just that im making Chris a total dick and stupid person ūüôā hehe ok on with the story.)

As the day went on I was getting pumped for Chris’s beating after school. I knew that both of them saw it and I made it obvious that I was watching them so that they wouldnt approach each other and talk about the note. Although they thought that I was watching them so they wouldnt go near each other.

I know that people say “ladies first” but I wanted to make Chris’s beating first because if I made Brigid’s right before school, she would be all bruised up and she wouldnt be able to go home and try and fix it with make-up or anything and she would have to go the whole day looking like that. I know it’s a horrible thing to do but hey, the bitch deserved it.

As I was walking to my next period, I walked by the place where I had punch Lissa. I expected her to have been moved, or woken up, or taken to the nurse at least. I was dead wrong. Lissa was¬†stilllaying there. I knew the teachers had seen her. “Jeez,” I thought to myself, “no one must like her.” I actually felt bad for her. But then I got over it. Barbie¬†so deserved it.

10 minutes before school ended I raised my hand to be called on so that I could go get ready for Chris’s beating. I got excused and left to go behind the bleachers. Once I got there I was stretching and making sure that my wrists were un-stiffened and rolled my ankles and a bunch of stretches and exercises before Chris got there. I heard the bell ring and got ready.

“Hello? Brigid? Im here.” I head Chris say. I hid behind one of the metal poles that held the bleachers up. “Brigid? Hello? Im here. Im ready to make out!” I silently gagged. I heard his footsteps on the crunchy grass getting louder. “Hello?” and thats when my right leg come right in contact with his neck.

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